Nepal Quarterly Report 1st/’17- EXCEPTIONAL !!!

Nepal-Hand washing TCD lessons …

GHNI receives both Monthly and Quarterly Reports from each village TCD work and TCD trainers.  All S. Asia(India/Nepal/Sri Lanka/Bangladesh), Armenia, and Serbia reports come to me initially, then on to the Geneva and Orlando offices for further editing and publishing on our GHNI WEB SITE.  It’s truly a privilege to get an initial look at all that’s going on in these regions!

Nepal has a new village initiative and it’s not afraid to boast about it a bit!  We in GHNI are so proud of this village and its’ TCD Trainer, as they begin to tackle all the needful areas of their village.  It’s a tall order for a truly impoverished village.  Yet they take this baton of responsibility seriously and in unity.  This Quarterly Report represents them well:


          Quarterly TCD Progress Report


Titling Standard           – COUNTRY CODE:  NP, Project Location: NP005, Year: 2017, QTR Number: 01                

                                            January to March 2017  


YOUR NAME:  Sushil B.             DATE: 9th April, 2017

Is there an approved proposal & budget on file?                               YES

4-P Letter (write 4-P Letter in space below in story form)

In the month of February 2017, we started our work in eastern part of Nepal.    We have targeted 300-350 families to work with about 2000 people living in this village. Most of the people are from poor Rshidev (Musahar) tribe of Dalits community (Oppressed). They don’t have good houses but live in small hut where their cattle live together. Most of them do not have their own land.

Nepal-Woman with toilet rings available for others …

They don’t have toilet that is why use open field. We discussed about the health issues that has been affected by open toilet. Now they realized that it is very important to have toilet at their house. Therefore we have started toilet construction in partnership with VDC in that village. People in that village both man and women actively participated at the program. In the first phase, they have selected 30 homes to make toilets for TCD program to bring health awareness in that village. They have committed labor themselves for the toilet construction. Also, our staffs have started teaching children, those who don’t go to school and also help women for literacy classes. They have already made committee for toilet construction and micro loan.  Suni M. and Sripa R. are helping teaching anti-human trafficking and TCD lessons.

In this month we have continued teaching lessons on anti-human trafficking, awareness introductory lessons to the women groups, literacy classes and teaching children. We taught general lessons on health and hygiene. We taught hand washing to both women and children.

VDC couldn’t provide toilet materials to 30 families at a time. Out of them 10 families have started constructing toilets.

  2. PERSONAL REPORT – Tell us how you are doing personally.
  3. Su and Sri both of us are healthy and good.
  4. What are the obstacles, challenges, or opportunities facing this program?
    Please provide details and discuss possible solutions.
  5. Working in a poor community is always challenging. People have a great expectation from GHNI. TCD lessons, awareness and seed projects will help them understand the reality.
  6. What are your goals for the upcoming quarter?
  7. In the upcoming quarter, we have a plan for building relationship with community people linking with women groups and start self-sustainable groups. Raise awareness about anti-human trafficking in the village.
Nepal-Toilet construction prep …








Quarterly Statistics

Population # of HH # of HH

With Latrine



# people in

TCD Commit

# of TCD


# people in

TCD Groups

% of Children

In School

# of TCD

Lessons Taught

Ave # people

In TCD Lesson

   1000 30     2     3    5    3       5   35%      4   6

You joining us in this endeavor in Nepal is having a huge impact!  Thanks for being there with us!  Daniel

Hawaii … to …. Nepal …


Mom & Girls - Nepal Village
Mom & Girls – Nepal Village

STT = Short Term Team(s)

Short Term Teams are critical to our work in GHNI.  Premised on the reality that a persons’ “presence” is powerful; the larger reality is that those who go are measurably transformed, and will have a better heart and head for those in need, experiencing a reality impossible for those who do not go.

Home - Nepal
Home – Nepal


Hawaii is a very long way from Nepal.  Yet, this Short Term Team was extremely instrumental in moving TCD-Transformational Community Development further along in the villages they served in.

Hawaii Team - Nepal
Hawaii Team – Nepal








Speaking “cross-culturally” of STT(s), there really is no such thing as a giver or receiver.  Both the Hawaii Team AND the Nepal village nationals are giving and receiving of each other, as they relate and learn from each other.  As a USA citizen, I can personally vouch for the breadth and depth of what I have personally “received” in working overseas.  Nationals are vast in their willingness to “give”, even in those times I am there to serve them.  I cannot tell you the number of times I have been GIVEN TO, as nationals in Romania, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and other locales have given me their last chicken, simply because I was the honored guest.  It’s a radically humbling experience!  And yet we do serve, sometimes in ways we least know.

Ed. Children - Hawaii Team
Ed. Children – Hawaii Team

So come join us to “serve” in GHNI.  And I promise you, you will never ever be the same.

A huge “Thank You” to the Hawaii Team.  And as my once 4-year old child would say … an even “huger” “Thank You” to the Nepalese nationals who allowed this Hawaii Team the experience and memory of a life-time!  Serving has been a  true pleasure.

Daniel – S. Asia Lead Assist

Children's Program - Nepal
Children’s Program – Nepal

Earthquake Disaster Relief – Nepal STT

Earthquake disaster relief continues via GHNI …
Short Term Team – STT/GHNI was on the ground last week in Nepal, as they helped in relieving “some” of the devastation encountered by villagers and in Kathmandu.

Total Destruction of Village Home
Total Destruction of Village Home

Amazing hospitality never ceases to amaze our team, as even now living in temporary shelters made of sticks, roof tins, tarps, etc., the locals in one tiny village we helped, insisted on feeding us the best of their best. “Humbled”, is a word that couldn’t come close to how we felt. These people are amazing in how they are committed to re-establishing life, regardless of resources. We were there simply to provide such.
Mom, who prepared our lunch in her temporary "home"!
Mom, who prepared our lunch in her temporary “home”!

Provisions of roofing tin(s), tarps, rice and other food essentials were distributed by our team in both remote village locations, as well as in Kathmandu.
STT team members and village ladies ...
STT team members and village ladies …

Purchasing and utilizing “local resources” is a foundational GHNI concept. GHNI desires, as much as possible, to support and enhance the local economies, purchasing from these sources when possible, even in disaster relief times such as this.
Local resource purchasing of roof tins and tarps
Local resource purchasing of roof tins and tarps

Rood tin(s) & tarp(s) distribution
Rood tin(s) & tarp(s) distribution

Beauty of life, new and not so, continues to rise from the rubble of these types of disasters … giving us all a glimpse of the “potential” goodness of life and the extraordinary hope intrinsic in some.
"Life" new and not so ... rising out of the rubble ...
“Life” new and not so … rising out of the rubble …

“Just” another e-mail ?!

“Just” another e-mail from our Nepal(Kiran Karki) national director to Sushi(S. Asia director) …
Dear Sushil,
We had been in Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment. Nallu is a remote
village of Lalitpur district. It is about 35 kilometer from Kathmandu to the
east. Nallu populated with poor typical Tamang people. Nallu is one of the
highly affected VDC by the earthquake. It not only shaked the houses but
shaked the heart of the people and took them to the zero. Their main earning
source is labor. We will distribute them food items for relief now but we
are trying to focus TCD in that village in the days to come.

Also there is a humble request to provide tin for 9 Chepang poor families
from Raksirang Makawanpur. We are going to distribute them in this week.


Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June '15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June ’15

Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June '15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June ’15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June '15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June ’15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June '15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June ’15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June '15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June ’15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June '15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June ’15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June '15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June ’15

Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June '15
Nepal Nallu VDC Lalitpur for Relief Assessment 17 June ’15

At least once per week, these come across my desk.
Thanks for being so integral in all we are and do in Nepal disaster relief work there!

Pratiraksha & Her Knowledge-Transfer “Pull” …

Pratiraksha & Children Health Ed.
Pratiraksha & Children Health Ed.

Pratiraksha is doing such a phenomenal work in and around her home town of Dhangadhi, Nepal! Many times every month, she is spending time with children, parents and family members, “pulling” them into her warm personality and deep knowledge concerning Counter-Human Trafficking, HIV/AIDS awareness, Health, and Education.

Pratiraksha & Children Dhangadhi, Nepal
Pratiraksha & Children Dhangadhi, Nepal

One of the beauties of seeing her work is in how she can so easily “draw/pull” a large number of people into her circle of influence, helping them in differing methods of education and the like. She and her mom also run an orphanage of 17 children, and an open-door clinic. Her ability to integrate Transformational Community Development(TCD) of GHNI into all she is and does, has been a win-win for all involved, especially the recipients of her work there in Nepal.

Pratiraksha & Parents AIDS/HIV Awareness
Pratiraksha & Parents AIDS/HIV Awareness

Anti-Human Trafficking … Dhangadhi, Nepal 26-9-14

A Pretty Smile, Anti-HT Attendee
A Pretty Smile, Anti-HT Attendee

A Hidden Face, Anti-HT Attendee
A Hidden Face, Anti-HT Attendee

Dhangadhi, Nepal is 1.5 kilometers from the India border. A river and bridge separate the two. No Himalayan Mountain romantic tourism exists here whatsoever! What does exist here and all along the India/Nepal border is a battle-ground for the hearts, minds and bodies of young victims and potentials of human trafficking.

Cross River/Bridge Into India
Cross River/Bridge Into India

GHNI-Nepalese staff and Dan were privileged to host this week, 10 women who attended GHNI’s focused anti-human trafficking conference. Slavery abounds and is growing across the planet, especially in areas where increased wealth and extreme poverty exist in proximity. Human trafficking is the viaduct for many forms of slavery. And this geographical area is prime ground for such. These women were mentored through targeted lessons on awareness, prevention, escape from, identifying and mentoring out those trapped in being trafficked. Varied in age and vocational extremes, each carried away enough new knowledge, relationships and experience to help them mentor others in some capacity.

It is estimated that tens of thousands of women and children are trafficked in some way from Nepal(or via Nepal) into India each year. Most enter the sex industry, with little hope of ever escaping its deeply dark recesses.

A hearty “Thanks” goes out to you for also being such a great help to these women, via your contributions and support of GHNI! Dan

Intro On Anti-HT Urgency
Intro On Anti-HT Urgency
Watching anti-HT Video In Nepalese
Watching anti-HT Video In Nepalese
Wrapping Up Our Time Together
Wrapping Up Our Time Together

Kathmandu & Nepal …

nepal landslides 7

nepal-landslide 4


nepal-landslide 2

Me being re-assigned to now work in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka (and India), will mean more GHNI activity blogs from these countries and others as we begin work in them. Our newest GHNI staff member is Nepalese and I so look forward to working with him in Nepal. Ironically, Kiran Karki only a few days ago sent this e-mail to me, explaining some of the flooding situations in Nepal and even near his home in Kathmandu. Following is his e-mail:

Dear All,
In August, Nepal has faced heavy rains which brought flooding and landslides in the many parts of the country. Many people lost their lives and many are displaced. A big section of the Arniko Highway joining Nepal and China was washed away, and the lake is inundating settlements, farms and bridges. As word spread, there is panic in some areas as people fled to higher ground.
The landslide site is 1km upstream from the intake structure of the Sun Kosi Power House at Dolalghat, and downstream from the Bhote Kosi Hydroelectric Project. Many people have been lost and many houses were swept away by the recent flood in Darchula district and other districts in far-western Nepal due to the flood in Mahakali, Seti, and Karnali rivers. Other villages have also been affected due to the flood. Rescue effort have been affected as well due to the high level of water.

Kiran (National Nepal GHNI Director)
nepal-floods 3

nepal landslide 6

nepal landslide 5

nepal landslide 3

We always give you thanks as we continue our work … now also in Nepal … especially as we open up this country to help them with TCD!