United Nations GHNI Representative !!! Our new addition …

GHNI Gains Presence in the United Nations !!!
This is such fantastic news for GHNI and you who support this your labor of love for the poor …

Isabelle Burgeois is our new UN Representative for GHNI
Isabelle Burgeois is our new UN Representative for GHNI

Isabelle Burgeois

Geneva, Switzerland

Isabelle Bourgeois is a recent addition to GHNI as our Permanent Representative to the United Nations. A native of Geneva, Switzerland, home of GHNI headquarters, Isabelle has worked for many years on the United Nations stage for a wide variety of human rights issues.

With a multidisciplinary training and a master degree in humanitarian action, she is engaged for more than 25 years with NGOs and associations working alongside the most vulnerable. Isabelle enables GHNI to be a global active player at the international level of the United Nations movement, working to strengthen ties between Human Rights efforts, the International Community in Geneva, and GHNI.

Isabelle launched her efforts with GHNI by presenting the following speech at a United Nations Side Event*—an event outside official United Nations meetings, organized for the purpose of sharing experiences and increasing opportunities for informal dialogue among the meetings’ participants.


A Participatory Approach in the Community Projects

By, Isabelle Bourgeois

We are all aware of the challenges connected to each other, inseparable that arise in the world. The situation remains very fragile. The load for all is growing. The needs are enormous and constantly increasing. They are factors of violence, protest and desertion of their living areas by the affected populations, in particular those affected by extreme poverty.

The NGO Global Hope Network International (GHNI) has experienced positive examples of communities transformed by the active participation of people, groups and villages belonging to the marginalized in the world’s poorest areas. For 12 years in 40 partnership countries, it offers emergency, humanitarian aid and initiates community projects of 3-5 years.

Despite the risks, Global Hope Network International (GHNI) makes it a priority to help and give hope in the most heavily insulated, inaccessible and poorly developed areas. By setting up and carrying out community development projects (TCD), the organization supports, motivates and equips communities so that everyone can participate in the decisions and actions affecting its own life, its own development and that of its entourage.

These collaborative projects are spaces for dialogue and training. They allow individuals to gain confidence in themselves and their relatives. They contribute to help people to have a sense of belonging, to be essential actors in the community while encouraged to stay and develop their own place of life.


TCD – Transformational Community Development – Video

Hal & Jamie & kids around new well ...
Hal & Jamie & kids around new well …
Sometimes a good media piece says it all.

Transformational Community Development in Dumka / Dhoker Jhara / Jharkhand, India

TCD Video … very moving …



Computer Centre Success – Sushil @ Dumka, India

Computer Centres are not our mainstay in GHNI, yet we have in recent years been privileged to set up a very successful CC in Dumka, India. In the interview below with Sushil, it is evident that this particular Computer Centre is positioned to expand and replicate. Our hope in weeks following, is for a completely new Centre to be established in Kolkata(Calcutta). With this interview, please note how our goal is, as always, to establish “self-sustainable” attributes intrinsic to every TCD endeavor we do.

Enjoy the link below and again, we thank you for your financial backing of this and so many other endeavors we and you accomplish via GHNI!

Global Hope Network International

“Seed” Project Day Has No Seeds …

Soccer Field & Player
Soccer Field & Player
Race (women)
Race (women)
A Winner Prize
A Winner Prize
Evening Meeting (TCD)
Evening Meeting (TCD)

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is many times in need of a “hook”, a way to gather people together in order to have a natural venue for explaining the who/what/when/where/why(s) of TCD. We in GHNI call this a “SEED” project day. It is a method for allowing village people to gather in significant numbers in order to build relationships that will foster a natural conversation on the importance of their lives specific to life-changing principles.

In the case of this event in January in the Jharkhand region of India, sports was used as this venue to build trust, a prerequisite to any truly quality TCD initiative.

It is so exciting to see this many people gathered to have fun. More importantly, it is exciting to see these same people gathered in order to hear how TCD can help them in key areas of their lives of Water-Food-Health-Education-Finances. GHNI continues to be committed to these “seed” days as an entry point to development and life-changing endeavors.