New Territory … Always Loving Our New Villages – INDIA

Bay of Bengal – New Village Location
Team GHNI Bay of Bengal Village
Mango Harvesting – New Village Bay of Bengal


GHNI is always seeking out the best relationships and villages in which to vest.  May, offered me the privilege to go with Sushil Marandi, to assess and meet his team, as they plan to move into the area and develop TCD.  Four hours south of Kolkota, this team of three men of integrity, were all raised in the same orphanage in West Bengal.  They have huge hearts to live in this new village and together, bring this community into it’s full potential of self-sustainability.  This could easily become “THE” Model TCD village, offering to mentor itself out to neighboring villages.

Woman Harvesting
Ganesh & Family
Goats Integral To TCD Loan Programs
Village Bay of Bengal
Ganesh w/ Fresh Bananas

Thank you … YOU … for being such an integral part of this endeavor.  If you would like to financially support this specific new TCD village, or Daniel, in his focus helping there, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Grateful for your personal involvement … Daniel





Anti-Human Trafficking … Dhangadhi, Nepal 26-9-14

A Pretty Smile, Anti-HT Attendee
A Pretty Smile, Anti-HT Attendee

A Hidden Face, Anti-HT Attendee
A Hidden Face, Anti-HT Attendee

Dhangadhi, Nepal is 1.5 kilometers from the India border. A river and bridge separate the two. No Himalayan Mountain romantic tourism exists here whatsoever! What does exist here and all along the India/Nepal border is a battle-ground for the hearts, minds and bodies of young victims and potentials of human trafficking.

Cross River/Bridge Into India
Cross River/Bridge Into India

GHNI-Nepalese staff and Dan were privileged to host this week, 10 women who attended GHNI’s focused anti-human trafficking conference. Slavery abounds and is growing across the planet, especially in areas where increased wealth and extreme poverty exist in proximity. Human trafficking is the viaduct for many forms of slavery. And this geographical area is prime ground for such. These women were mentored through targeted lessons on awareness, prevention, escape from, identifying and mentoring out those trapped in being trafficked. Varied in age and vocational extremes, each carried away enough new knowledge, relationships and experience to help them mentor others in some capacity.

It is estimated that tens of thousands of women and children are trafficked in some way from Nepal(or via Nepal) into India each year. Most enter the sex industry, with little hope of ever escaping its deeply dark recesses.

A hearty “Thanks” goes out to you for also being such a great help to these women, via your contributions and support of GHNI! Dan

Intro On Anti-HT Urgency
Intro On Anti-HT Urgency
Watching anti-HT Video In Nepalese
Watching anti-HT Video In Nepalese
Wrapping Up Our Time Together
Wrapping Up Our Time Together

Education: Young & Not-So … Getting TCD Going …

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is all about the community leading their own change. In this story recently shared with us by GHNI-India, we were encouraged to see that age doesn’t matter when it comes to serving one’s community!

Jatapara, India Committee
Jatapara, India Committee

Jatapara Village, India

“We have been able to train the committee and they are able to see the importance of TCD.

“Det’ is a student in grade 12. She knows the importance of education. During our TCD training, she actively took part in learning about community development.

“In our last lesson with the community, we could identify problems that are preventing them from developing self-sustainabilities better. Lack of education was their top problem! So, as a community, they made two action steps.

“One: All women agreed to send their kids to school on time.

“Two: Det’ will teach all kids before they go to school. She has already started teaching those children who otherwise would do nothing after or before school time.”
GHNI India Staff Quotes
Thanks for your help in developing Jatapara, India and our work in GHNI!

Gift(s) In Knowledge Transfer … Relief versus Self-Sustainability

Dan & amp; Kids In Jatapara As Parents Learned Development
Dan &Kids In Jatapara As Parents Learned Development

Gift(s) in knowledge transfer and embracement can truly be one of the best gifts given and received. GHNI is committed to GIVING!

November, I(Dan) was able to be a part of a team that used a skit to illustrate Self-Sustainability versus Relief/hand-outs. We call it “The Bridge Illustration”, and it is an integral part of our sessions taught. NOT REALLY ABOUT crossing a river per se, this skit does however communicate how individuals can help each other and “own” decisions for themselves as well as others in their indigenous settings in villages.

Profound in its simple yet not simplistic content and communication, this is one of many ways GHNI helps leaders in villages own and embrace sustainability Transformation Community Development(TCD). Enjoy these excellent short clips … and please excuse the “selfie” filming them! 🙂

Please view the following 3 settings of this skit, and note:

CLICK * 1st is Sushil Marandi using a simple table-top to begin the process of teaching our TCD India trainers – Babujan & Manu

CLICK * 2nd is Babujan and Manu only a few minutes later, practicing what they had just learned via the table-top session

CLICK * 3rd is Babujan and Manu maybe an hour later, teaching in excellent fashion, villagers who had gathered on the street