Bangladesh Flood Report – GHNI

It’s alway encouraging to receive “hot-off-the-press” reports from our field staff. Following is one from Bangladesh, with limited(grammar imperfect) editing …

Rice-culling from Bony-GHNI-Bangladesh Team Distribution
Rice-culling from Bony-GHNI-Bangladesh Team Distribution

Temporary Shelter For Flood Victims
Temporary Shelter For Flood Victims
GHNI-Food Distribution, post-flooding
GHNI-Food Distribution, post-flooding
Temporary Shelter - Post Flood
Temporary Shelter – Post Flood

Dear Sushil,
For your Kind information … here is flood response report.

Flood Project Report
Total Families Helped: 100
(Location: Gaibandha: 50, Sathkhira : 50)
By good grace we were able to distribute your kind GHNI gift and your support to flood effective peoples. Though there was big challenge to meet demand of effective community like: we are giving 100 families where more than 500 candidates received assistance. Our team really worked hard to do this hard implementation. They identify most significant candidates and give slip to collect goods from nearby safe place. Grateful we were able to help 100 families and giving 300 individuals flood informations.
This works opened door to help more later. Every place I clearly explain that this gift coming from our friends GHNI who love them and that love send this help.
I thankful in Gaibandha there is no long term helping and to start follow-up and assistance/TCD,

Distribution Location - GHNI
Distribution Location – GHNI

Thank you so much GHNI. I also thanks our volunteers that they combined with this program and get vision to help other.

I am attaching some picture and some story before and after distribution.

As I find out those families lost their crops so when water will come down they start cultivation again and they need future seed, fertilizer and awareness program.

Temporary Shelter & Food Distributions
Temporary Shelter & Food Distributions

Please stay touch as we want to help them with other needs.
I believe this project made a big impact locally because with us local nationlal peoples also join and help distribution and they proclaim GHNI peoples really love others.
Bless you.


Kathmandu & Nepal …

nepal landslides 7

nepal-landslide 4


nepal-landslide 2

Me being re-assigned to now work in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka (and India), will mean more GHNI activity blogs from these countries and others as we begin work in them. Our newest GHNI staff member is Nepalese and I so look forward to working with him in Nepal. Ironically, Kiran Karki only a few days ago sent this e-mail to me, explaining some of the flooding situations in Nepal and even near his home in Kathmandu. Following is his e-mail:

Dear All,
In August, Nepal has faced heavy rains which brought flooding and landslides in the many parts of the country. Many people lost their lives and many are displaced. A big section of the Arniko Highway joining Nepal and China was washed away, and the lake is inundating settlements, farms and bridges. As word spread, there is panic in some areas as people fled to higher ground.
The landslide site is 1km upstream from the intake structure of the Sun Kosi Power House at Dolalghat, and downstream from the Bhote Kosi Hydroelectric Project. Many people have been lost and many houses were swept away by the recent flood in Darchula district and other districts in far-western Nepal due to the flood in Mahakali, Seti, and Karnali rivers. Other villages have also been affected due to the flood. Rescue effort have been affected as well due to the high level of water.

Kiran (National Nepal GHNI Director)
nepal-floods 3

nepal landslide 6

nepal landslide 5

nepal landslide 3

We always give you thanks as we continue our work … now also in Nepal … especially as we open up this country to help them with TCD!