Interview Of Student At Computer Centre – Dumka, India

Student at Computers w. others
GHNI continues to have very positive input and feedback from those students attending our Dumka, India Computer Centre. While there in November, I was able to meet some of these excellent students who are learning skills that will carry them forward in their careers, education and personal lives. Photo is from the previous trip, while the following video is a brief YouTube clip from one of those students in the November visit/assessment. Enjoy ….

New Kolkata(Calcutta) Computer Centre Excitement & Story …

Unexpected Dream Fulfilled

“Shankar is very excited in his computer learning experience. He is from an extremely poor economic background, and his parents do not want him to continue with his studies. He wants to learn computers. When he first joined here, he said that he had never sat in front of a computer before. He is learning very fast.

‘I had never thought in my life that I can learn computer. But one day my friend asked me whether I would be interested to join a computer class. I thought that I could not even pursue my school education properly, how is it possible that I can learn computers?

‘Also I had in my mind that anything related to computers are very expensive. I can never dream of affording it. But when I came here, I came to know that computer education can also be affordable.

‘Though initially I did not get any support from my home, yet still I decided to continue with this class, as I am finding interest in it. I managed to get one old keyboard at home, and practice typing, because I also dream to use computer to its fullest.’

“We are now in the 3rd month of our new Kolkata(Calcutta) Computer Training Centre. Our journey had been very well. The students are really catching up pace in their learning. After going through some theory lessons, now each one of them are provided with individual computer terminals for practicing whatever they have learned. They are done with almost all the important features and uses of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint. Next is basics of Windows OS, like installing and uninstalling applications, Internet, and others. They are taught by constantly reminding them that every small detail that they are learning will be helpful for their future. Now they can say that computer education has never been so fun before. ”
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“Seed” Project Day Has No Seeds …

Soccer Field & Player
Soccer Field & Player
Race (women)
Race (women)
A Winner Prize
A Winner Prize
Evening Meeting (TCD)
Evening Meeting (TCD)

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is many times in need of a “hook”, a way to gather people together in order to have a natural venue for explaining the who/what/when/where/why(s) of TCD. We in GHNI call this a “SEED” project day. It is a method for allowing village people to gather in significant numbers in order to build relationships that will foster a natural conversation on the importance of their lives specific to life-changing principles.

In the case of this event in January in the Jharkhand region of India, sports was used as this venue to build trust, a prerequisite to any truly quality TCD initiative.

It is so exciting to see this many people gathered to have fun. More importantly, it is exciting to see these same people gathered in order to hear how TCD can help them in key areas of their lives of Water-Food-Health-Education-Finances. GHNI continues to be committed to these “seed” days as an entry point to development and life-changing endeavors.