ER for Dan with Aortic Dissection

24 May, I managed to barely drive myself home with severe chest pains.  I stumbled into the house and told Nora and Jonathan that I thought I was having a heart attack. They called the ambulance, and the next thing I knew, I was undergoing a 12-hour surgery for an aortic dissection.  7 days in ICU, 7 days in regular recovery, then finally home.  I am home so far and continue this excruciating slow process of gaining strength and stability.  With home-care, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and voice therapy, it’s a lot.  Because I was intubated, and the voice cords nerve is so close to the aorta, I have totally lost my voice.  

This is all so hard to communicate.  It’s been a hard 12 months, with my Covid-19 quarantine in Beirut, the CML diagnosis, and now this.  I am sustained by God alone!  

I have just now even gained the strength to type and send this. 
Yet amidst it all, the Lord has been my strength and source of life.  Even in the early stage of all this, when being transported to “somewhere”, I told the nurse, “just let me die” … God was there, in my darkest hour.  I even had nurses praying for me, and one even inked in her daily praying on the chest pillow they require I use.  The reality is, I should be dead, with only a 25% chance of making it to ER, from that, only a 25% chance of making it through surgery, and was told by the medical staff that many die post-surgery.   Truly, I am a miracle to be alive.  And I am so grateful to be here to tell you about this.  

The road is long and sustained ahead, with an 8-12 week basic recovery, then a 6-12 months plus to see how it all goes.  

Nora began a CaringBridge site at:

and our friend, Char Sellers, has set up a GoFundMe site at:

as well as the regular giving sites below.  

If you knew of all this already, thanks for praying!  If you’ve just heard, thanks for praying!  God is faithful, and for all reasons not yet fully understood, He wants me to remain with you, for some time ahead.  Grateful for life.  Grateful to have all three kids here with Nora and me.  And we are always so thankful for you !!!  

Psalm 23:4
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.  

Affectionately peace always   …  
Daniel and Nora     

If your heart so moves, we would love you to join us in these movements of helping others and advancing every area of their lives.  Relationships, prayer, finances, participation in trips, and more, are all intricate in this journey of faith and love each of us lives out in 2021.   Freely contact us for details of questions, input, and needs.  Join us on a trip.  Relate to all this in prayer. 

Daniel and Nora    

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Eliana & our work … update … Emigs 30 April ’21

Nora and I extend grateful hearts to you, as you so love on us, and into our lives!  

As you may discern, Eliana’s time in the U.S. Navy drew to a close, and she is now back with us.  Many details entailed.  It funnels down to her being forced into 3 separate 2-week Covid-19 quarantines, two of which happened even before she started Basics.  Three weeks into BasicsTraining, yet again, she was forced into quarantine.  All accounts were due to someone else having Covid.  These incidents, combined with her extrovertedness and dyslexia, broke the camel’s back.  Brutal was the experience, and she is now home, receiving counseling, re-integrating, restoring, and recovering well.  Nora and I love how she is adjusting and being honest in all of life!  Received and processed well, these types of experiences can be a truly good back-door to an even fuller life ahead!  Clearly, there is a different “ship”, destiny and journey of exquisite good lined up for her.  

Thank you so much for caring for our staff and leaders in various countries in these Covid-19 times.  Sushil Marandi (our India and S. Asia Director), his wife, and a child were deathly sick from Covid-19 last week.  All are recovering well now.  India (in the news) is suffering greatly from its worst wave of Covid ever, and acute lack of oxygen.  Otherwise, our staff in S. Asia are doing well and persevering through all kinds of Covid conditions.  

With Covid conditions still acute in Serbia, Snezana is finding creative safe ways to meet with village Roma/gypsies; starting them in learning ELD-Entrepreneur Leadership Development. She and I just wrapped up our last meeting of ELD weekly training/content, and she is already engaging with small groups to teach what we covered via ZOOM/WhatsApp over the last months.  Please pray she can continue to expand, focus, and help as many as possible, especially in her intrinsic heart into the lives of many Roma.  
If things break loose regarding Covid, travel restrictions, finances, I would love to be in Armenia and/or Serbia, early Summer.  Having faith, in all these issues.  

Daniel and Nora      

If your heart so moves, we would love you to join us in these movements of expansion.  Relationships, finances, participation in trips, and more, are all intricate in this journey of faith and love each of us lives out in 2021.   Freely contact us for details of questions, input, and needs.  Join us on a trip. 

Daniel and Nora     

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Lebanon … Out The Door Quick & Now Back … 31 March ’21

Strap on your media belt … HANG ON … and let’s go !


We cannot thank you enough for YOU, you again being such an intricate formation and part of our lives, and specifically this recent trip!  We are grateful for your praying, your relationship with us, your financial backing,  holding us up in so many and such good ways.  

Let’s dive in …

Wheelchairs were a huge pivot point on this trip, allowing open doors to all kinds of other NGOs, organizations, military and political leaders, business owners, and the like!  Each of the organizations and people in all these photos received wheelchairs for their overall needs and/or individual needs.  

Women-led NGO helping the disabled, in 50+ villages near their home and town/base! 
Leaders of the Rescue & Fire Station that lost 10 of its members in the August Beirut explosion, as first-responders.  They would have lost many more if there had not been a multi-second delay in getting out of the station compound.  
Retired General E.A.R., responsible for helping us get the wheelchair containers out of the port facility. 
Catholic Bishop “John”, instrumental in helping us get wheelchairs to a local hospital!
Bekaa Valley public hospital COO, recipient of wheelchairs and equipment later, via us!
Bekaa Valley local business, coordinator of USAID helps for local Syrian refugees, and our newest partner!
Hapag-Lloyd Beirut representative … who saved us a % demurrage/storage fees on the 4x 4′ containers of 1000 wheelchairs, walkers, and other disability equipment. 
Almost broken … then totally broken van; with engine overhaul needed! 
Interview with, Nada; once in public media and model venues and now instrumental in sharing her faith to anyone who will listen! 

Syrian refugee family in their newest “home”, in Bekaa Valley.  Also storage for wheelchairs. 

Back at the warehouse, storage for the wheelchairs, and lots of paperwork, accountability for those organizations involved! 

David … our newest friend … and  also grateful for Elie, our media helper who took a lot of pressure off me in this area. 
Paul, our dear friend, and local leader … so committed to TCD-Transformational Community Development!
NGO – Joe Rahal Foundation … wow, what an inspiration and commitment to helping those with disabilities!
Interviewing “most youthful” street protestors in Beirut!  Warm, receptive, non-violent, talkative, youthful … street-blocking tire-burners!  🙂 
WOW … we simply could not be and do any of what we are and do in Lebanon, without this wonderful family in Joseph (and son Saeed) Milan !!! 
Did someone say “LEBANESE FOOD” !!!
Brief Mediterranean Sea venture … 
Man … was I ever glad to see this … NEGATIVE COVID-19 TEST, prior to departing Lebanon !!!  21-day Covid-Beirut-quarantine-phobias-be-gone !!!! 
Wow … you were so wonderful in how you came through, trust extended, and supported this trip, our lives, and our futures together in the journey, in so many ways! 
We are deeply grateful!



If your heart so moves, we would love you to join us in these expansions and help for so many in greatest need.  Relationships, prayer, finances, participation in trips, and more, are all intricate in this journey of faith and love each of us lives out in 2021.   Freely contact us for details of questions, input, and needs.  Join us on a trip. 

Daniel and Nora  

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Into February ’21 News … A Spot On Medical Journey Ahead … More … 13feb.’21

Nora and I greet you warmly in this frigid second week of February!

Let’s open with some personal notes.

Nora continues her roles in education, with SSN-severe special needs students, at the local elementary school.  She loves her work, yet faces increased tensions this year, as new students present more challenging teaching needs.  She’s up to it.  But wow, the end-of-day proves fatigued!
Eliana joined the U.S. Navy and left on 3 January, with her own unknown challenges.  Two weeks into the planned pre-basic-training “quarantine”, she finally gets a 5-minute call through to me, saying; “Dad, someone in our quad tested positive for Covid-19 and they are extending our quarantine an extra two weeks!”  Brutal!  We both cried and prayed together.  She’s now finally two weeks into Navy Basic Training.  If you spot her before we do, at:
let us know.  🙂

I feel just fine!  Truly.
Before I introduce this next topic … promise me you’ll focus on the word “chronic”.  It simply means “ongoing”.  OK, promise!?  “Ongoing” … yes, that’s it.
After a routine physical two months ago; bloodwork indicated some elevations.  Further bloodwork and a bone marrow biopsy, indicated that I have a ….. yes, remember to focus on that word … “chronic”, …. condition that needs attention to keep my white blood cells in check and not birthing new ones too rapidly.  The NON-chemotherapy medication(Imatinib) I am now on is doing just that.  We are thanking God.
I feel just fine!  Truly.
OK, now for the technical-medial term:  CML – Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Are you still with me … with that keyword, of “chronic”?!
Caught in time, chronic stays chronic, for a very long time.  Most people my age die of something unrelated, in 10-30 years.  We are grateful all was caught in good timing, early.  Without any more belaboring, here is the site for further information:

We continue to be amazed at how our staff and associates are working in all our villages and refugee camps, even in all the difficulties and challenges of Covid-19.  Story after story pours into my editing desk each month, of how our quality staff and associates are implementing TCD and Disaster Relief principles, further sustainability in hundreds of lives and expanded villages.  Just today, I received a brand new proposal from Nepal, to add a new village implementing TCD.  Here is an excerpt from that proposal (unedited):

“This project is based on the village transformation with the help of transformation community development (TCD). TCD in C. village aims to bring hope for the poor people living in miserable conditions for sustainability in the community with five key development areas such as water, food, wellness, education, and income generation. Our target is to help the people of this slum village through TCD, to achieve long-term self-sustainable community development especially in the sectors of education, health, and family income generation.

One of the major concepts of this project is to assist and empower people at their level of poverty, which arose from poor health, education, and economic situation. It is also susceptible to natural disasters like the earthquake that took place in 2015 and devastated the village’s property totally. People started to go abroad for labor while some people become victims of human trafficking. So, raising awareness and teaching about anti-human trafficking and slavery prevention, empowering skill development, and encouraging them to be self-sustainable so the villagers can be a true solution. Thus, helping to minimize vulnerability, ends poverty, and alleviates slavery as well.”

Well, there you have it … our heart and work!  🙂

Yes, travel is perfectly fine, in my health condition.
So I am trying to get out the door again … to Lebanon.  There, we have delivered to the port in Beirut, 1000+ wheelchairs arranged via many connections.  We need to get those out to those in need, and do some work with those recipients!
It is also my heart to see Khalil, he who took care of me those 21 days quarantined in Beirut … as Khalil has lost his precious wife(Micha) to Covid-19.  😦
Thankfully, I’m now resistant to this illness.  We are honored to have you support us in all this … truly privileged!

Nora and I cannot thank you enough for your hand in making all such things possible!
If you ever want to hear more, or need to see more of such proposals and reports; you’re always free to contact me for such.

Affectionately always   …
Daniel and Nora


If your heart so moves, we would love you to join us in these advancements.  Relationships, prayer, financial, participation in trips, and more, are all intricate in this journey of trust and love each of us lives out in 2021.   Daniel and Nora

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You are essential!

You are thanked!

GILPP – Geneva Institute Of Leadership and Public Policy – CLICK LINK HERE 
The Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (GILPP) was established by GHNI to help national political leaders transform their nations toward freedom and sustainability. The vision for GILPP is to promote public policy created by enlightened and compassionate public leadership, bridging the gap between governments and those living in poverty.

Help & Hope
for the
Hidden & Hurting

As GHNI Lead Assist in
C./S. Asia & C. Europe
I work to:
– be in & assess villages
– develop people & resources
– teach & further TCD
– mentor
– train leadership

TCD – Transformational Community Development

Bringing sustainability in:
– Water
– Food
– Health-Wellness
– Education
– Financial Capacity

Emig Family

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