Into February ’21 News … A Spot On Medical Journey Ahead … More … 13feb.’21

Nora and I greet you warmly in this frigid second week of February!

Let’s open with some personal notes.

Nora continues her roles in education, with SSN-severe special needs students, at the local elementary school.  She loves her work, yet faces increased tensions this year, as new students present more challenging teaching needs.  She’s up to it.  But wow, the end-of-day proves fatigued!
Eliana joined the U.S. Navy and left on 3 January, with her own unknown challenges.  Two weeks into the planned pre-basic-training “quarantine”, she finally gets a 5-minute call through to me, saying; “Dad, someone in our quad tested positive for Covid-19 and they are extending our quarantine an extra two weeks!”  Brutal!  We both cried and prayed together.  She’s now finally two weeks into Navy Basic Training.  If you spot her before we do, at:
let us know.  🙂

I feel just fine!  Truly.
Before I introduce this next topic … promise me you’ll focus on the word “chronic”.  It simply means “ongoing”.  OK, promise!?  “Ongoing” … yes, that’s it.
After a routine physical two months ago; bloodwork indicated some elevations.  Further bloodwork and a bone marrow biopsy, indicated that I have a ….. yes, remember to focus on that word … “chronic”, …. condition that needs attention to keep my white blood cells in check and not birthing new ones too rapidly.  The NON-chemotherapy medication(Imatinib) I am now on is doing just that.  We are thanking God.
I feel just fine!  Truly.
OK, now for the technical-medial term:  CML – Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Are you still with me … with that keyword, of “chronic”?!
Caught in time, chronic stays chronic, for a very long time.  Most people my age die of something unrelated, in 10-30 years.  We are grateful all was caught in good timing, early.  Without any more belaboring, here is the site for further information:

We continue to be amazed at how our staff and associates are working in all our villages and refugee camps, even in all the difficulties and challenges of Covid-19.  Story after story pours into my editing desk each month, of how our quality staff and associates are implementing TCD and Disaster Relief principles, further sustainability in hundreds of lives and expanded villages.  Just today, I received a brand new proposal from Nepal, to add a new village implementing TCD.  Here is an excerpt from that proposal (unedited):

“This project is based on the village transformation with the help of transformation community development (TCD). TCD in C. village aims to bring hope for the poor people living in miserable conditions for sustainability in the community with five key development areas such as water, food, wellness, education, and income generation. Our target is to help the people of this slum village through TCD, to achieve long-term self-sustainable community development especially in the sectors of education, health, and family income generation.

One of the major concepts of this project is to assist and empower people at their level of poverty, which arose from poor health, education, and economic situation. It is also susceptible to natural disasters like the earthquake that took place in 2015 and devastated the village’s property totally. People started to go abroad for labor while some people become victims of human trafficking. So, raising awareness and teaching about anti-human trafficking and slavery prevention, empowering skill development, and encouraging them to be self-sustainable so the villagers can be a true solution. Thus, helping to minimize vulnerability, ends poverty, and alleviates slavery as well.”

Well, there you have it … our heart and work!  🙂

Yes, travel is perfectly fine, in my health condition.
So I am trying to get out the door again … to Lebanon.  There, we have delivered to the port in Beirut, 1000+ wheelchairs arranged via many connections.  We need to get those out to those in need, and do some work with those recipients!
It is also my heart to see Khalil, he who took care of me those 21 days quarantined in Beirut … as Khalil has lost his precious wife(Micha) to Covid-19.  😦
Thankfully, I’m now resistant to this illness.  We are honored to have you support us in all this … truly privileged!

Nora and I cannot thank you enough for your hand in making all such things possible!
If you ever want to hear more, or need to see more of such proposals and reports; you’re always free to contact me for such.

Affectionately always   …
Daniel and Nora


If your heart so moves, we would love you to join us in these advancements.  Relationships, prayer, financial, participation in trips, and more, are all intricate in this journey of trust and love each of us lives out in 2021.   Daniel and Nora

Global Hope Network International
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You are essential!

You are thanked!

GILPP – Geneva Institute Of Leadership and Public Policy – CLICK LINK HERE 
The Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (GILPP) was established by GHNI to help national political leaders transform their nations toward freedom and sustainability. The vision for GILPP is to promote public policy created by enlightened and compassionate public leadership, bridging the gap between governments and those living in poverty.

Help & Hope
for the
Hidden & Hurting

As GHNI Lead Assist in
C./S. Asia & C. Europe
I work to:
– be in & assess villages
– develop people & resources
– teach & further TCD
– mentor
– train leadership

TCD – Transformational Community Development

Bringing sustainability in:
– Water
– Food
– Health-Wellness
– Education
– Financial Capacity

Emig Family

Dan & Nora
Jonathan (23)
Bryan (21)
Eliana (19) 
GHNI donations address:

Global Hope Network International
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Thank you !!!
Daniel and Nora 

EOY 2020 … New Year into 2021 …

Christmastide Season and New Year ’21

“I believe that you, you and I, need to surrender and submit to this … ”     (Nora quote)


15 days into my 21-day Covid-19(C-19) quarantine in Beirut, Lebanon, and part of a 31-day trip, Nora said the above.  Wasn’t she the one I was always asking prayer for, in my travels?  Yet, I was the one struggling through moments of pain-anger, stuck in a hotel room, wanting to bust out?  She turned a huge corner!  It was so refreshing to my heart.   Wow, were we glad to see each other again !!!

Thanksgiving found us C-19-prevention gathered as a family.  All hands-on-deck as each of us helped in the kitchen under the Commodore … Nora.
“Commodore” is no random word.  We’re learning a whole new vocabulary, as Eliana signed up for the U.S. Navy.  So hard to believe, our 19-year-old daughter, youngest of our kids, and last to leave home, ships off to Naval Station Great Lakes, 3 January.
Travel has been an eggshell-walk this year.  You may recall, we just got back from the Middle East in the Spring, some five days before C-19 era travel ceased altogether (escape, whew!).  Even that trip, entering Iraq, they took our temperatures at the airport twice.  October/November, we window-squeezed into Iraq and Lebanon, with much accomplished on the ground in both countries, only to have our last two days in Lebanon putting me into C-19 positive quarantine in a Beirut hotel (captured, got me!).

Looking back on 2020, and into 2021, we are amazed at accomplishments, amidst what sometimes seemed like our blunders and naive raw acts of faith and love.  It’s impossible to capture here, all that’s happened on the field, in our hearts, and in the hearts and lives of others.
Tamara, with her husband(Sam), are such examples of those we’re privileged to partner and serve.  War-torn(post) Armenia, in its darkest hour, has such a light as they.  Tamara, and her volunteers, have now:
* started a Community Center teaching sewing and postcard making
* built an outhouse and updated the Center
* taught and counseled many serving IDP (Internally Displaced Persons)
* distributed bread-making ovens to 10 homes and 25+ family entities
* gained closer proximity to IDP camps and teaching sewing skills there,
* organized distributions of blankets, hygiene supplies, bedding, and children’s school needs materials.

Tamara “gets” TCD-Transformational Community Development !
Iraq and Lebanon trips recently found us, once again, opening new doors, as we served in familiar places like refugee camps among Yazidi and in the Beqaa Valley among Syrians.  Children were able to start school, as we distributed basic education starter-kits for Yazidi children.  TCD education moved ahead as the team purchased and taught mechanical sets principles.  Our dear friend, Joseph, in Beirut, made it back from the brink of severe C-19, is now doing very well.  We are so grateful for his healing and restoration.
Another miracle … !
During my Beirut quarantine, minor-brief-cursory conversations began with Joseph, Mike (my colleague), another “anonymous Mike”(aM), and myself.  aM has political, relational, and external financial connections.  Joseph has political and relational connections.  Regular Mike and I have … well, limits in these areas.  Things happen when people of faith and love step out, just saying.  In five weeks, all the extremely complicated financial, logistical and relational pins fall into place to unlock the metaphorical lock.  As you read this, Joni&Friends, bent over backward to help us all expedite 1000 wheelchairs +++, which arrived via ocean freight in four 40’ containers in Lebanon.  I’m tell’n ya, this kind of crazy good stuff has been happening all year, in the Middle East, Armenia, and other places we work, smack in C-19 times and territory !!!
Nora and I cannot thank you enough for your part in all this, and in our personal lives. Good is happening and bursting forth and moving ahead, regardless of politics and social upheavals.
Typically, 20%-30% of our annual and additional monthly financial needs are received and/or added in these final days and weeks of each year.
If your heart so moves you, we would love for you to participate.  Relationships, prayer, financial, participation in trips, and more, are all intricate in these wild steps of faith and love we can all step into in 2021.

Affectionately always and a Joyful Christmastide Season and New Year to you …
Daniel and Nora

Global Hope Network International
934 N. Magnolia Ave.   Suite # 310
Orlando,   FL   32803-3840

Armenia Update … November ’20 (Spitak and Jrashen area)

Limited editing from our GHNI staff in Armenia in their November ’20 report …

November 2020

Current situation in Armenia

ceasefire agreement was signed between the President of Azerbaijan, the Prime Minister of Armenia, and the President of Russia, ending all hostilities in the area in November 10, 2020. After the agreement, thousands of people became internally displaced. They lost their home villages and towns. Thousands of soldiers were killed. Thousands of men became disabled; many captives in the other side and many missing soldiers and civilians. The war has left painful scars on each Armenian.

We live on the main street in Vanadzor city and usually its very noisy during the day. When the war was over there was silence on that street, you could only hear the noise of the cars. As if, the whole nation was silently grieving.

Now there are Russian peacekeepers in the war zone and people who still have homes return to Artsakh.  From 150 000 only 25 000 went back.

In November we as a GHNI team visited more than 20 families from Artsakh. All of them lost their houses and couldn’t return, so they decided to spend the winter in our region and see what happens next. We heard many sad stories but also stories of hope. We gave them New Testaments and shared about God’s love.

Miracle stories

The war broke out early in the morning, the children were still asleep. The mother took the children just with one pair of clothes and ran from the village to the nearby city where it was safer. However, the father of the family stayed to see how he could protect the house. One day the father of the family was in the basement and he heard enemy soldiers entering his house. At that time he had nothing to protect himself and everywhere the enemy soldiers entered they killed the owners without any exception. Miraculously they did not notice him and after a while left the house. The men left the house secretly, hid himself in the nearby forests, and finally was able to go to his family. The whole family praises God that their father is alive.

The bread baking machines







Thanks to GHNI team and supporters throughout the world we were able to buy 10 bread-baking machines and 10 bags of flour. Several displaced families were able to share the machines and bake their own bread. Each of the families were average of seven people and it was not affordable for them to buy bread every day. With the help of the project, more than 100 people have their homemade bread now.

The local Police department heard about the project, joined our team, and helped in delivering the flour bags and machines.

Warm clothes and coats

Winters in Armenia are severe cold and especially in the North where we live. So with the help of GHNI and some local and foreign friends we were able to collect about 150 coats and bought warm winter clothes and gave to the displaced children.







Sewing and art project

At the moment we have 4 sewing machines for the community centre and the women are working hard to provide beddings and some clothes for war victims. At the same time they learn new skills. One of the ladies from the sewing class got a job in the sewing fabric this month.






Thanks for your support of GHNI and us in Armenia … Tamara

Grateful for you in all this … Daniel Emig – Armenia Country Supervisor – GHNI

donate to our personal work there at:

donate to program and project needs in Armenia at:


Sojourning Together Through Great Loss …

Late last night we received the note below from Lana, the wife of Hal Jones and co-founder of Global Hope Network International:
Dear Friends,
Just 44 hours ago, I was married to one of the most amazing men I know, and now I’m a widow. Hal had a massive heart attack Sunday night and was rushed by ambulance to Hilo Medical Center, where fortunately a new Cardiac Unit was added about a year ago. The cardiologist briefed me saying, “three stents were put into the frontal aorta, known as the ‘Widow Maker.'” So I had a clue that though he did an excellent job with the stents, Hal’s prognosis wasn’t hopeful because his heart had stopped twice for a total of 50 minutes. That meant that blood wasn’t being pumped to his liver and kidneys, and they began to fail. He said the next 24 hours were critical. Either he would begin to recover or “go down.” Prayers began to pour in from all over the world and we were hoping for a miracle.
On the bright side, Hal passed peacefully into God’s presence and all of our children and grandchildren were able to say “Goodbye” via WhatsApp. I am still in shock but taking one day at a time. We have lost a one-in-a-million, extraordinary, visionary, inspiring, and compassionate man, who I already miss very much.
Thank you all for praying for Hal, me, and our family.
Trusting in Him,
Lana (wife of Hal Jones)
This news is incredibly saddening though we know the impact and outcome of Hal’s life. Though we may grieve, we know that the best way to honor him is by pressing on with his vision and mission to provide Help and Hope to the Hidden and Hurting. While Lana and the Jones family gather to mourn and celebrate Hal’s life, we will stand next to them in our unwavering support for Lana, for Hal, and for GHNI.
We appreciate your support and will work to keep all staff, supporters, and the public fully informed as we find our way forward together.
Ed Sowers
Board of Directors GHNI USA