Sojourning Together Through Great Loss …

Late last night we received the note below from Lana, the wife of Hal Jones and co-founder of Global Hope Network International:
Dear Friends,
Just 44 hours ago, I was married to one of the most amazing men I know, and now I’m a widow. Hal had a massive heart attack Sunday night and was rushed by ambulance to Hilo Medical Center, where fortunately a new Cardiac Unit was added about a year ago. The cardiologist briefed me saying, “three stents were put into the frontal aorta, known as the ‘Widow Maker.'” So I had a clue that though he did an excellent job with the stents, Hal’s prognosis wasn’t hopeful because his heart had stopped twice for a total of 50 minutes. That meant that blood wasn’t being pumped to his liver and kidneys, and they began to fail. He said the next 24 hours were critical. Either he would begin to recover or “go down.” Prayers began to pour in from all over the world and we were hoping for a miracle.
On the bright side, Hal passed peacefully into God’s presence and all of our children and grandchildren were able to say “Goodbye” via WhatsApp. I am still in shock but taking one day at a time. We have lost a one-in-a-million, extraordinary, visionary, inspiring, and compassionate man, who I already miss very much.
Thank you all for praying for Hal, me, and our family.
Trusting in Him,
Lana (wife of Hal Jones)
This news is incredibly saddening though we know the impact and outcome of Hal’s life. Though we may grieve, we know that the best way to honor him is by pressing on with his vision and mission to provide Help and Hope to the Hidden and Hurting. While Lana and the Jones family gather to mourn and celebrate Hal’s life, we will stand next to them in our unwavering support for Lana, for Hal, and for GHNI.
We appreciate your support and will work to keep all staff, supporters, and the public fully informed as we find our way forward together.
Ed Sowers
Board of Directors GHNI USA

Covid-19 “positive” At Latter End Of A Great Trip …

Fellow sojourner …
while it’s not the news I or you wanted to hear, let’s all remain faithful in this and the journey ahead!  God is trustworthy.  
So here goes … 

upon entrance to the Beirut, Lebanon airport, en route from Erbil, Iraq on 3 October, I tested positive for Covid-19.  For confirmation, I was again tested and results were positive, on the 5th.  I have waited to relate any of this to you, wanting to insure all the tests were confirmed, and most importantly, that I could relate all this to Nora first. 

All precautions were in place, even to the extent of me getting tested 3x times in the USA before we left, and again in Sulaymaniah, just before we left Iraq.  All tests were “negative” for C-19.  

Teammates, Mike, Joseph, Khalil, all tested negative on the 5th.  

I am fine.  In all honesty, I feel great!  I have had no real symptoms, to date.  The Ministry of Health – Lebanon, has all travelers confined to a hotel room for quarantine.  I am closely monitored by a trained paramedic(a teammate), and have a temperature monitoring device on me always.  Joseph and Khalil are most gracious and provisional, in every way.  I have plenty of food, water, vitamins, etc..  The hotel room is adequate and due to Joseph’s connections and love, is only $23 per night.  I have plenty of work to do, and can accomplish all from the room, via WiFi. In that real sense, all is well.  

On the other hand, this is a really tough one, as this prolongs the trip, and I am stuck in a hotel room, alone, for the remaining stay.  
Thanks deeply !!!   

Since this update is already a bit long, I’ll just say that up until this Covid-19 hit, it has been an absolutely awesome trip, with lots moving ahead on many levels and areas!  Gratefully, we lost only 2.5 days of on-the-ground work, as Covid hit late in the trip. I will inform you much more in the next update, hopefully in only a few days.  

Until then … here’s a taste … in photos … 
How can we thank you enough for your interceding for us in so many ways !  

Our deep gratefulness and affections embrace you, as you do also to us  … 
Dan and Nora 

GHNI – Global Hope Network International

Global Hope Network International
934 N. Magnolia Avenue, Ste. 310
ORLANDO FL 32803-3840
“Preferred for Emig family” 

Daniel & Nora
… Jonathan, Bryan & Eliana

TCD – Transformational Community Development Bringing
Help and Hope to the Hidden and Least
in villages, refugee areas, as we also bring sustainability in:
– Water
– Food
– Health-Wellness
– Education
– Financial Capacity

Time For Re-Launch !!! Lebanon & Iraq in about 2 weeks !!!

It Is Time For Re-Launch !!! Lebanon & Iraq in about 2 weeks !!!    Emigs’ … update

Our relationships in Lebanon, have ask us for immediate medical, physical and financial assistance, after the horrific explosion that happened in the Beirut port.  If you haven’t seen the devastation from this, please view the link at the bottom of this update.
We were contacted by a medical foundation here in Colorado, that wants us to be a key transport and liaison for their medical team that they will form from a pool of highly qualified volunteers. We are much honored in their approaching and trusting us in this!  This meshes perfectly with our deep heart desire to be in Lebanon ASAP, to serve in this manner and in other needs they have.

With such a lull in our travels of late, and losing measurable amount of our financial base of support due to economic conditions related to Covid-19 … will you please consider a special gift for this trip and our continued need for raising our monthly base of support?  Thank you immensely !

Basic 2-country(we will also be in Iraq) travel, food, housing costs per trip:
$ 3,500

Pertaining to Lebanon AND Iraq/Kurdistan … medical, TCD, refugee assistance, urgent care needs, food distributions, secondary(regular) medical needs unrelated and/or related to Lebanon’s crisis, Entrepreneur Leadership Development moving forward …

$ 21,000 for Lebanon
$ 8,000 for Iraq/Kurdistan

Emig family’s “regular” support …
$ 1,400 monthly need increase due to losses in income from Covid-19 related issues

We understand these are large number for anyone’s budget, especially in these times.  Please realize a few things:
*   Mike Parks did his Pikes Peak Marathon last Sunday (26.2 miles) and raised $ 4K of this need via pledges.
*   Medical needs almost always run more expensive.
*   These are difficult times FOR US ALL … meaning, you, as well!  So we “get it”!  Some of these numbers are simply acts of faith we are stepping into, seeking to help those in greatest need.

Please always feel free to call me for current balances of need and gifts received to date, especially as we get close to our 15 September “planned”(flexible) hoped-for departure date.

Know how grateful we are for you considering and praying through all this !

Giving link is below.

Knowing this is already a long update, we’re trying to make the following “family” update succinct.

Jonathan graduated from CSU in May, and got his first “real” job in June, in the L.A. California area!  He’s loving it!  So grateful for his journey and perseverance!

Bryan wrapped up his time working in Breckenridge, CO as a pharmacy tech., and launched his next venture, landing back here in the Colorado Springs area, as he pursues his love of media, videography, and photography, laced into marketing.  We love his adventurous spirit and heart !

Eliana graduated from high school in May, and is now employed at Goodwill, as she pursues attending Pikes Peak Community College and other options.  She’s loving this Summer and plenty of time with friends, hanging-out!
Nora has passed all sections of her Praxis (qualifying test for teaching in Colorado), with the exception of her math portion.  She’s currently back in the saddle, teaching at the para-level, and will continue pursuing her qualifications to teach fully in Colorado.  We are so proud of her perseverance and love for these children she serves and seeks to continue serving. Do pray she passes, and quickly, as she wants to be a “regular” special ed teacher asap.  Thanks !  She had quite the green thumb this summer … 🙂
Our dear Teddy(dog-Westie) passed yesterday, from cancer.  Jonathan and I drove up past Denver some ten years ago, and surprised Nora with Teddy, in the midst of her thyroid cancer treatment at the time.  We, and especially Nora, will miss this little guy who made a huge impact in our lives with us.

A great visit from Nora’s brother and family to Colorado recently …

We are so grateful for you, your friendship, your affections for us and our lives moving forward!
Know of our affections for you as well !

Dan and Nora

GHNI – Global Hope Network International – giving link:

Global Hope Network International
934 N. Magnolia Avenue, Ste. 310
ORLANDO FL 32803-3840
“Preferred for Emig family”

Explosion (Beirut, Lebanon) link:

Daniel & Nora
… Jonathan, Bryan & Eliana