Bangladesh … peace and prosperity in a boy’s home …

Bangladesh boy - Niloy Malo
Bangladesh boy – Niloy Malo

Progress Report – October ’18

TCD Change Our Family

I am  Niloy Malo, member of Lotus TCD(Transformational Community Development) group at Ghoraghat, Dinajpur district, Bangladesh. I read in grade seven. We are two brothers and sister. We do not have land for vegetable cultivation. My parents are working a small work in this village. We have 5 members in our family. Before join my family with TCD we were very poor. I saw everyday my parents do lot of quarrel. But after having teaching of TCD my parent’s attitude changed and we are having peaceful situation our families.  I am taught many subjects which helped in my education. I have learned how to take care and keep good health from TCD groups.

There is some uncultivated land near hour house which is belongs to our neighbors.  I helped my father to plant papaya tree and vegetable garden in that land near our house. After few months the papaya tree grow-up and have flower and fruits.

Now our family do not need to buy vegetable from market, also I distribute to our neighbors. We get vitamin, mineral and others which we need. I give thanks to TCD group for given me a wonderful opportunity to learn and utilize in my life.

My family also taking all decision together. Before we took loan from micro credit but now we start small savings.

(This story was taken from TCD child group) Bangladesh

We are grateful for each of you who choose to undergird such endeavors of TCD as this!  Daniel Emig


My name is Ammodi and I am 12 years old …


My name is Ammodi Malshika I am 12 years old ...
My name is Ammodi, I am 12 years old …

My name is Ammodi I am 12 years old …


Monthly TCD Story Update

Titling Standard          – COUNTRY CODE LK-012, Project Location – Unanvitiya, YY 2018 July  Monthly Update

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Note:   One report is needed for each TCD location

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COUNTRY:       SRI LANKA                               TCD CODE/LOCATION:      LK-12/Unanvitiya           _

 YOUR NAME:              C.B.L.              DATE:  July 2018

 SIMPLE UPDATE & PHOTO: Please share a simple story about what is happening in the village or about a person living there. Even if you feel there is no new activity, please describe any on-going activity or future plans.  Include a photo and be sure to describe who/what is in the photo.

TIPS: Focus on one person’s benefitted life. What was their life like before?  How did GHNI help them?  What are some of the details and emotions felt?  When sharing a photo of the people in the story, it’s best to use up close faces and action shots (smiling, laughing, playing, etc.).  You may include more than one photo. If you’d like, attach web post, newsletters, or e-mail updates.

STORY: (1-3 paragraphs are adequate.)


My name is Ammodi I am 12 years old. My school is Unanvitiya, I am in grade 7. My parents work on paddy fields. They are paid daily for the work they do. When there is no work on paddy fields they work part time on tea and rubber estates as labors.

They come home with soiled cloths dobbed with mud as they work in the fields; they are so tired that they have to rest for a few hours before they take a wash. I have to prepare the tea and night meal. I feel so sorry to know they get so tired to give me a good education so that I will not do the same job that they do, that’s what they tell me.

After School in her village ...
After School in her village …

This made me think of my future plans. I have decided to be a teacher. As teachers get a lot of holidays they are always dressed up and enjoy their work with the children. They are respected my children and parents.

I was told that dreams come true, for me plans also definitely work if you apply yourself. Thank you GHNI for being a part of my plan, opening up a tutoring centre in our village. I can now make my plans come true.


*I have reviewed my report and photos and verify that ALL the names, locations and photos are authorized for publication, including e-mail updates and the internet.         X  YES            ☐  NO

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Photo  1. Ammodi’s picture

  1. Under 14 group of children batch no.2








Bryan Shows Up … !

Kīlauea Volcano …
Bryan shows up … !

Several times in our Kīlauea Volcano DR-Disaster Response training and serving in Hawaii, it was said, “just show up” or “Show up.  Bryan showed up.  We, the DR team of 10 showed up … and guess what, good happens.  It was gently convicting … I need to “show up” more, be all there, in ever-widening experiences I’m(Daniel) led into !

Bryan (and team) did an excellent job of serving, as we worked alongside the Army Corp of Engineers, building tiny-homes and landscaping for displaced residents.  A local church asked us to serve at their fun-day for children and parents, getting them away from routines of living in tents and temporary shelters.  For almost 5 hours straight, Bryan cooked and served hotdogs, brats and sides to hundreds of attendees.  All of us shared in the load of setting-up and serving at this event.   He and the team shined on each of these and other occasions, serving faithfully and wholeheartedly!  It was great being and working with him, them !

Our key relationship/family remains there, working faithfully to help and mentor the Kīlauea Volcano displaced.  Matt Purvis and his family run a coffee shop bakery in Pahoa, only minutes from volcano, and amidst much activity to help, from other NGO(s) and the local government.  He’s a special and dear friend, with an immeasurable heart for the extremely wide variety of locals there, displaced or not.  We could tell you more, as it’s actually a crazy place to live, work, and raise a family.  Matt and his family are no-doubt “called” to be there.

Bryan’s full funding came in so quickly, in less than 3 weeks.
A huge “THANK YOU” to you who gave, either via the GFM site or GHNI !!!
Thank you for allowing us to “be” and serve in this and so many other endeavors!
You rock !!!
Bryan and Dad/Dan


Need Your Disaster Relief Training/Response Help Now …

Mike Parks - Disaster Relief Trainer - GHNI
Mike Parks – Disaster Relief Trainer – GHNI

I need your immediate financial help.  Disaster Relief(DR), and DR Training are intricate in GHNI.  Many of our current TCD model villages, were begun, springing from a DR situation in that given country.

Mike Parks(right in photo), is a great friend of mine and heads up the DR segment within GHNI.  He is doing his next DR Training and Response in Hawaii, training and assisting via the Kilauea Volcano.  It’s an excellent location to train and then follow-up immediately in assisting local pockets of current need.

Kilauea Volcano Map

Bryan, my son, has wanted to be with me on one of my trips, for years now.  He has volunteered for this trip, and is already fully funded via a GoFundMe site.  I am excited to be with him, as a son-dad duo, on this DR venture!

Bryan - On Yet Another Venture
Bryan – On Yet Another Venture 
True To Personality - Bryan's Kawasaki Ninja Streetfighter
True To Personality – Bryan’s Kawasaki Ninja Streetfighter 
Bryan & Pops
Bryan & Pops

Will you please join me in my urgent financial needs for this trip?  This trip, alone,  still needs $ 1,400.  Gifts of donation can be made at:

Funding will also help provide for next trips to Serbia and Armenia.  We will follow-up with post-trip news after we’re back.  Deep thanks to you who support this and so many other endeavors you/we partake of around the globe.  Grateful … Daniel


New Territory … Always Loving Our New Villages – INDIA

Bay of Bengal – New Village Location
Team GHNI Bay of Bengal Village
Mango Harvesting – New Village Bay of Bengal


GHNI is always seeking out the best relationships and villages in which to vest.  May, offered me the privilege to go with Sushil Marandi, to assess and meet his team, as they plan to move into the area and develop TCD.  Four hours south of Kolkota, this team of three men of integrity, were all raised in the same orphanage in West Bengal.  They have huge hearts to live in this new village and together, bring this community into it’s full potential of self-sustainability.  This could easily become “THE” Model TCD village, offering to mentor itself out to neighboring villages.

Woman Harvesting
Ganesh & Family
Goats Integral To TCD Loan Programs
Village Bay of Bengal
Ganesh w/ Fresh Bananas

Thank you … YOU … for being such an integral part of this endeavor.  If you would like to financially support this specific new TCD village, or Daniel, in his focus helping there, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Grateful for your personal involvement … Daniel





2018 Rockets Ahead In TCD-Transformational Community Development

2018 Rockets ahead with Global Hope Network International.  It’s hard to believe January ’18 is wrapping up, and we gaze well into February.  With monthly reports from each of our Model Villages in, let’s take a very brief peek at the countries Daniel works in 2018.  Limited editing for better feel for them truly communicating with you …


This quarter we decided to take up the income generation project. For this we had a meeting with the committee to finalize the most suitable income generation scheme. After considering several options we decided to opt Mushroom cultivation because the investment was less and it had a good demand in the local market.

So we had two days of training in mushroom cultivation. Now they are going to start mushroom cultivation at the commercial level and for this they are raising funds among themselves.


Kalpana Pariyar is one of the model beneficiaries in our group. This family is known a poor in the village. They haven’t enough land way to earn money for family support.

After she joined with GHNI she could make good money from her goat loan. She could pay back her loan in time. This family is so happy from our work. And they have a really good heart to give thanks to us.

Her goat gave babies. One is she sold at Rs.11,000 and other baby was killed by a tiger. Then she got compensation from the forest committee people. They gave 9500 rupee for this goad.  Now also this goat also gave born 2 baby.


Eight years old Saikat is a bright student and regular TCD. He love TCD. His parent are unable to save as they both sell their labor to earn money.  During flooding last 2 month both of them lost their earning opportunities. So they struggled to live. Having no food they were in big trouble. They live in higher part of the village so flood could not submerge their home.

Saikat is saving last 2 years.  Now he has Tk. 1,500 which is lots of money for his family. As the family struggled to survive they boy took initiative to do home gardening. He has planted over 10 papaya plant and other leafy vegetable. As the flood water destroyed all vegetation there was high demand of vegetable in the market. They boy sold over Tk. 3,000 worth of vegetable in 7 weeks.

The family have more money than normal season. His father said, TCD has changed my son and saved our family. We never thought a 8 years old boy could earn and save a family”.

Sri Lanka:   

The children for the past year had English lessons and TCD training in hygiene, food preparation, sanitation, income generations, and may other TCD areas.  Their parents also participated and learned in the TCD lessons each week.  The children performed sang English songs which were thought to them by their teacher. It was nice to see smiling faces. It was a day to enjoy.  Each end of year, there is a huge celebration in how the village and children have progressed.  The girl above is presenting her learning experience and also singing.


The change of the village into the village model is played at the Djorgovska Mahala. Now we have three groups of women with over 25 members, one that is part of the local community, the other that meets regularly in Mahala and the third is almost formed with which we work on the topic of health, hygiene, healthy relations.  We have a group of children that is very regular and actively adopts knowledge and transfers to their family. With TCD lessons  the children and adults started changing their habits and now they apply the transferred knowledge.

There are visible changes in the health of women and their families, too. They started regular medical examinations and immunization of children. Some women who are part of our group went to the doctor on time and avoided serious consequences. We are also working on education. Values of challenges and values ​​of education.

A number of children have four years of education at the age of 15, but together with their parents on TCD teaching, we managed to continue their education not regularly but as complementary education.

Dijana    This is Dijana. She has 4 grades of elementary school and now she attends school and her desire is to be a hairdresser.







Armenia:   Some of the Syrian refugees living there … 

Oct, Nov, and until the New Year, it was a manageable winter !  Securing windows, doors and roofing to prevent wind and snow damages.  The green House at standby.  We were not able to provide the plastic cover yet, due to non-funding.  The remaining fish, slowed down in growth, ….lack of heat and bad water filtering system, after 3 months of care, feed, utilities and changing water. Very expensive !  Same with the Chicken farm.  Without minimum heat, no laying eggs and slow growth.  The Syrian refugees are managing with their daily life, with almost no harvesting work (Winter), and regular maintenance, as needed.  Shutting off unused plumbing, drainage, etc.

HoE  closer to be self-sufficient …. if we were able to provide the allocated funds of our objective from 2017 and into 2018 better.

We are grateful to what we achieved within 3 years of continued cooperation with all GHNI Team and generous donors.

Friend, we are so very grateful for your partnering with us in these villages and centers, especially as we head strong into 2018!  Please consider joining us on a STT-Short Term Team this year.  We would love to have you be with us on these  journeys of transforming lives and villages!

Daniel Emig