Good Start Into 2022 !

Dearest friend … 

We thank you so much for ushering us into 2022, so well prayed for, so well supported, and so well-loved!  

Health issues:
I am slowly gaining strength and stamina. Last week I noticed a small uptick in my walking pace and distance.  I’ve graduated off wound-care completely, so no more 3x per week bandage changes.  Yeah!  It’s still difficult to sit long, yet so much better than even a few weeks ago.  
The next surgery is on 2 March.  This will include a stint into the aorta, via an artery in my leg, as well as a special by-pass due to the stent location blocking an artery to my neck/brain.  Gotta keep that brain supplied!  LOL!   🙂 

has allowed me to get into more personal and meeting times with a good number of GHNI staff and associates in countries we work in.  I’ll keep wading in more, slowing a bit in early March; then be able to jump in deeper by mid-March.  It’s difficult to put into words, all the good things our associates are doing in these countries of Serbia, Armenia, Lebanon, Iraq, India, and Nepal.  I’m so grateful for our co-workers and friends in these countries, as they have shoes-on-the-ground and carry out TCD, ELD, their personal hearts of love.  

Example in Armenia:
Tamara and her husband, Sam, have carried on with very little personal time with me over the past 7 months.  Why?  Because of our excellent training?  Well kinda, sure; but most of their work comes from their own hearts to expand their lives into others, and mentoring, and see our training(s) as tools to better accomplish this, while providing sustainable development to lives and villages.  Family relationships and counseling seminars are being held.  Sewing trades are being taught by those trained 18 months ago.  Governmental relationships are constantly improving.  Music lessons are being taught by Sam.  Post-war community groups have been organized to help those affected by the conflict.  And the beauty of it all?  It’s all woven in seamlessly with sharing the love God has put in their hearts.  

Please continue supporting those in difficult countries of hardships, as we all work together to supply for their current needs.  Winter has been brutal in many places we work.  

Grateful for you … 

Dan and Nora
If your heart so moves, we would love you to join us in these movements of sustainability.  Relationships, finances, participation in trips, and more, are all intricate in this journey of helping and loving, from each of our lives out in 2022.   
Global Hope Network International
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Into our New Year together … 2022 ! Dan & Nora

We hope for you a truly “prosperous” (the Christ’s version of prosperity) New Year in 2022 !  We cannot thank you enough for praying, and everything else you did for us, literally through this most difficult of years, and hanging with us.  Our love to you … ❤️  Dan and Nora

Global Hope Network International
934 N. Magnolia Ave.   Suite # 310
Orlando,   FL   32803-3840

Christmas ’21 Emigs … 22dec.’21

“Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son,
and they shall call his name Emmanuel,
which being interpreted is,
God with us.”
 – Matthew 1:23

Warmest of Christmas greetings to you as we all enter into this ending of “wait” for our Savior … 

Christmas offers a special time of togetherness, as family and friends.  We celebrate much this year, especially as I am still alive and breathing.  Last week, my 3x-week wound care nurse, removed the wound vacuum, meaning, the open sore on my lower back has healed enough, for bandages only.  Yet another milestone in this journey.  Grateful!  I still need a stint in my aorta and another procedure, that surgery is waiting on until the wound heals/closes sufficiently. January?  My walks are getting slowly incrementally stronger.  I’ve enjoyed some special (short) times with my dudes lately.  

Jonathan and Emily were here for a few days of early Christmas, and Jonathan stays until the 29th.  

Nora is off from teaching until the first week of January, so trying to rest a bit, as she has been through so much the past seven months.  She’s enjoying her newest Westy(dog) … she named “Henry”.  

As we celebrate in the warm comfort and safety of our homes, please pray for our relationships in countries under duress.      

We are cast this Christmas, upon our only hope, Christ the Savior.  It is no wonder, Psalmist David was quoted so much by Jesus.  The older I get, the more I wonder if David knew and embraced the Gospel, better than many proclaiming Christians of our day.  He proclaims his gaze in:  Psalm 27:4

“One thing I ask from the Lord,
    this only do I seek:
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
    all the days of my life,
to gaze on the beauty of the Lord … “

When distilled down to our essence, we are a desperate lot, out of true control, short-lived, and wholly dependent on our Savior!  We have infinite to be grateful for!  

Enjoying and celebrating our beautiful Lord this season …  
Dan and Nora 

20%-30% of our yearly financial needs are received in these final days and weeks of December.  Additional expenses have occurred in insurance not covering all medical needs.
If your heart so moves, we would love you to join us.  Relationships, prayer, finances, participation in trips, and more, are all intricate in this journey of faith and love each of us lives out in 2021 into 2022.   Freely contact us for details of questions, input, and needs.  Join us on a trip.  Relate to all this in prayer. 
Global Hope Network International
934 N. Magnolia Ave.   Suite # 310
Orlando,   FL   32803-3840


EOY’20/Giving Tuesday …

Consistently, it’s the women and children who suffer the most in impoverished conditions. Consistently, it’s the women who step up to meet the needs of their families. Click the link above to help us empower women, children, and families across all countries I work in. Grateful am I, and us, as we all work together on this EOY’20/Giving Tuesday endeavor.

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