2018 Rockets Ahead In TCD-Transformational Community Development

2018 Rockets ahead with Global Hope Network International.  It’s hard to believe January ’18 is wrapping up, and we gaze well into February.  With monthly reports from each of our Model Villages in, let’s take a very brief peek at the countries Daniel works in 2018.  Limited editing for better feel for them truly communicating with you …


This quarter we decided to take up the income generation project. For this we had a meeting with the committee to finalize the most suitable income generation scheme. After considering several options we decided to opt Mushroom cultivation because the investment was less and it had a good demand in the local market.

So we had two days of training in mushroom cultivation. Now they are going to start mushroom cultivation at the commercial level and for this they are raising funds among themselves.


Kalpana Pariyar is one of the model beneficiaries in our group. This family is known a poor in the village. They haven’t enough land way to earn money for family support.

After she joined with GHNI she could make good money from her goat loan. She could pay back her loan in time. This family is so happy from our work. And they have a really good heart to give thanks to us.

Her goat gave babies. One is she sold at Rs.11,000 and other baby was killed by a tiger. Then she got compensation from the forest committee people. They gave 9500 rupee for this goad.  Now also this goat also gave born 2 baby.


Eight years old Saikat is a bright student and regular TCD. He love TCD. His parent are unable to save as they both sell their labor to earn money.  During flooding last 2 month both of them lost their earning opportunities. So they struggled to live. Having no food they were in big trouble. They live in higher part of the village so flood could not submerge their home.

Saikat is saving last 2 years.  Now he has Tk. 1,500 which is lots of money for his family. As the family struggled to survive they boy took initiative to do home gardening. He has planted over 10 papaya plant and other leafy vegetable. As the flood water destroyed all vegetation there was high demand of vegetable in the market. They boy sold over Tk. 3,000 worth of vegetable in 7 weeks.

The family have more money than normal season. His father said, TCD has changed my son and saved our family. We never thought a 8 years old boy could earn and save a family”.

Sri Lanka:   

The children for the past year had English lessons and TCD training in hygiene, food preparation, sanitation, income generations, and may other TCD areas.  Their parents also participated and learned in the TCD lessons each week.  The children performed sang English songs which were thought to them by their teacher. It was nice to see smiling faces. It was a day to enjoy.  Each end of year, there is a huge celebration in how the village and children have progressed.  The girl above is presenting her learning experience and also singing.


The change of the village into the village model is played at the Djorgovska Mahala. Now we have three groups of women with over 25 members, one that is part of the local community, the other that meets regularly in Mahala and the third is almost formed with which we work on the topic of health, hygiene, healthy relations.  We have a group of children that is very regular and actively adopts knowledge and transfers to their family. With TCD lessons  the children and adults started changing their habits and now they apply the transferred knowledge.

There are visible changes in the health of women and their families, too. They started regular medical examinations and immunization of children. Some women who are part of our group went to the doctor on time and avoided serious consequences. We are also working on education. Values of challenges and values ​​of education.

A number of children have four years of education at the age of 15, but together with their parents on TCD teaching, we managed to continue their education not regularly but as complementary education.

Dijana    This is Dijana. She has 4 grades of elementary school and now she attends school and her desire is to be a hairdresser.







Armenia:   Some of the Syrian refugees living there … 

Oct, Nov, and until the New Year, it was a manageable winter !  Securing windows, doors and roofing to prevent wind and snow damages.  The green House at standby.  We were not able to provide the plastic cover yet, due to non-funding.  The remaining fish, slowed down in growth, ….lack of heat and bad water filtering system, after 3 months of care, feed, utilities and changing water. Very expensive !  Same with the Chicken farm.  Without minimum heat, no laying eggs and slow growth.  The Syrian refugees are managing with their daily life, with almost no harvesting work (Winter), and regular maintenance, as needed.  Shutting off unused plumbing, drainage, etc.

HoE  closer to be self-sufficient …. if we were able to provide the allocated funds of our objective from 2017 and into 2018 better.

We are grateful to what we achieved within 3 years of continued cooperation with all GHNI Team and generous donors.

Friend, we are so very grateful for your partnering with us in these villages and centers, especially as we head strong into 2018!  Please consider joining us on a STT-Short Term Team this year.  We would love to have you be with us on these  journeys of transforming lives and villages!

Daniel Emig


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India – Country Of the Month !

Dan w. children Dhoker Jhara
Community Leaders
Oh a hunting we will go …
Rice For Harvest
Well Drilling-Families Awaiting Water-Jatapara
“Thank You” from Jatpara, India
Little boy & bag (village help) – Nepal
GHNI-Food Distribution, post-flooding

Soil Sample Team (Herach-Marie-Dan) HoE
Health Screenings
Woman & 2 loan-animal micro-enterprise Bangladesh 8-’17

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Priya & Filip(translator) – Eye Exams

Please consider your gift to Global Giving – SERBIA – now!   Click link below … deeply grateful for you in this … Daniel



STT-Orlando Team and Village Volunteers of Dorgovska Mahala – Lebane, SERBIA




Bangladesh TCD … and FLOODING


Girl heading to school Bangladesh 8-’17

Transformational Community Development (TCD) in Bangladesh with GHNI is still quite in the early stages.  Yet so much good has happened in our time there.  With excellent partnerships in place from the start, it has made all the difference in how quickly and quality went hand-in-hand.

Boys’ 2x goats Bangladesh 8-’17

Education has been at the forefront since day-1.  It’s been amazing to watch how:

  • many more children are attending school
  • many more children are experiencing the value and future in education
  • many more parents are now being “pulled-into” the education process, embracing how their children need to continue furthering their education, even at the expense of needs at home
  • many parents are being ushered into the reality of facing old ideas of marrying off their very young daughters … and instead, allowing them to finish school and potentially into higher quality lives married or single
Young lady at well Bangladesh 8-’17

With better educations, comes organically, better methods of micro-enterprise, food cleanliness and harvesting methods.  So much of life goes hand-in-hand, regardless of living in Bangladesh, Serbia, Armenia or West Chicago, Illinois.  Life is extremely interconnected.

Woman clearing grain Bangladesh 8-’17
Woman processing corn Bangladesh 8-’17
Woman & 2 loan-animal micro-enterprise Bangladesh 8-’17














Catastrophic flooding in Houston, Texas USA and Bangladesh were only days apart.  All of us in the USA are helping the Texas victims in whatever capacity we can.  If you are so inclined, please consider helping the flood victims of Bangladesh.

Flooding in Bangladesh 8-’17

Giving to this is via our regular Bangladesh site at:


Always huge “Thank you”(s) to each of you who undergird our work in GHNI to villages we vest in … YOU vest in !



House of Esther (HoE) – Spitak, ARMENIA … progress!

Fingerling(s) new, of fish being tested
Rain-water recovery system

Refugee Center “House of Esther” in Spitak, ARMENIA has seen huge progress this Spring and into June.  Focused acutely on becoming a self-sustaining entity as rapidly as possible, HoE has set up:

  • Fish Farm equipment and initial fish fingerlings
  • Rain-water recovery system for irrigating crops
  • Green-house below-ground foundation and initial ground-water recovery piping
Below ground greenhouse dig-out
Working the concrete pouring
Container placing for fish farm













Several new refugees from Syria are now living and working there.

TCD-Transformational Community Development in its 1st stage of TOT-1(Training of Trainers), is to be taught in September.

GHNI is excited to announce that several visitors are also to be there in September, during the TCD training time.

Funds are needed now to finish the greenhouse and HoE still needs all centralized heating systems in place by this Fall.  Will you please consider these needs and contribute.  Budget analysis indicate that HoE still needs almost $20,000 to finish all needful items before October.  Give at:


And also consider joining us there in September!

Thanks!  Daniel

Pre-mixing dirt & rock for concrete
Insulating containers for fish farm
Crops growing well at HoE
Concrete pouring for fish farm house


End-Of-Year ’16 Special Update …

Lots of “News” and “Features” have come your way over the past few years.

This EOY ’16, we’d like to bring it home a bit and give you a view not only of our GHNI wrap-up ’16 … but also the Emig family behind the scenes, allowing a lot of this to happen.  So here goes our 1st try at this:

Dan & Nora(wife)
Dan & Nora(wife)


End-Of-Year 2016 …

2016 into 2017?  Are we “drifting” into another year?  Hardly!  Each year is unique, better, special … to be savored.  How?

You, our dear friend on this endless journey together …

Jonathan(20), Grandma, Bryan(17) & Eliana(15)
Jonathan(20), Grandma, Bryan(17) & Eliana(15)

It begins and never ends … with the heart!  Regardless of exciting things brought our way in adventure and new establishments in TCD, if our heart is not growing and expanding in infinite love, we have little to nothing to talk about.  This is crucial!  Our hearts are expanding.  Our hearts ache for the whole, the true and the good for those we help in Eastern Europe and C./S. Asia.  We greatly desire our hearts expanding into your lives also, knowing as we draw close to you, mutual encouragement will expand to our other personal relationships locally and around the world.

Bangladesh:  TCD-Transformational Community Development in Bangladesh is allowing wholistic growth among many children, youth, and their parents.  N. Bangladesh is especially seeing healthy progress in the villages they labor in.  Our TCD team is passionate in their faith in their communities, as they focus on children’s K-8 educational and vocational needs leading to self-sustainable lifestyles!

Kari ... and TCD children
Kari … and TCD children
TCD Team Bangladesh
TCD Team Bangladesh





Armenia:   Our “House of Esther” refugee center in Spitak, Armenia is taking shape and adding refugees as funding and accommodations allow.  My work there this summer helped me understand the unique needs of war-torn lives, as most are from Syria.  Open doors are there to see lives transformed in love and provision that leads to self-sustainability.  TCD agriculture and a possibility of a fish-farm reproductive system will help to move this center forward into self-sustainability and wholeness.

Soil Samples ...
Soil Samples …
Workers & Refugees
Workers & Refugees





Serbia:   Snezana and her local community and longing to help impoverished Roma communities has won our hearts.  Financially, her TCD budget has struggled in ‘16.  Regardless, she is faithful to work with and win the hearts of those she loves and relates to in the gypsy villages of South Serbia.  The monthly reports I receive and edit in route to the GHNI office are nothing short of spectacular, as she and her team co-labor in those villages, expanding their ability to become self-sustaining.  Đorgovska Mahala village in one year, is not the same!

Children-Labane, Serbia
Children-Labane, Serbia
Youth in Serbia
Youth in Serbia





Nepal:   Earthquake of ’15 in Nepal was devastating on a multitude of levels.  Our GHNI National Director, Kiran and his team have in ’16 been able to focus in villages most willing to embrace TCD as their means of recovery, becoming self-sustainable.  Having started several organizations and orphanages, and worked for “non-self-sustaining” NGO(s), Kiran is skilled, experienced, and impassioned to carry through in TCD principles he knows will bring the very best to these chosen villages.   ’17 brings a team from the USA to help in training key nationals who will in turn be equipped to carry through TCD mentoring to yet other nationals.





As you know, GHNI works in many regions of the Middle East, Africa, Asia and now Eastern Europe.  My work-focus in S. Asia and now in E. Europe and C. Asia is stretching and getting much more involved.  We are grateful for your supporting us as a GHNI team and as the Emig family!

There are so very many opportunities.  Funding is always a limiting factor in opportunity choices.  We need funding both on a GHNI projects level, as well as our personal sustenance level, that we can continue furthering TCD.  As your heart leads, please consider supporting our projects and family.  I could easily focus another $60K annually on new and existing villages in the geographic(s) I alone work in(“projects”).  Our “personal” family budget remains short and in need.  $1,500 in monthly increases is our current need.  Will you please consider these and consider monthly gifts of $50-$250-other?  Always, if you have questions or concerns, I am happy to communicate with you.  Gifts are sent to: WEB/Internet giving at:            http://www.ghni.org/us/about/staff/daniel-emig                   or mail-in to:

Global Hope Network International   934 N. Magnolia Ave.             Suite 310          Orlando, FL   32803-3840          Noting:   “Preferred for Emig family”             Thanks!

Nora & Eliana baby sitting
Nora & Eliana baby sitting

Nora, Jonathan, Bryan and Eliana are doing so very well!  Nora’s new position at Dillard’s has provided income, as well as an excellent team she works with.  Stamina and discernment are her needs, that she would be able to handle home and work responsibilities as I travel frequently.  I am honored to have her as my life-mate and mother to our children!



CSU - Jonathan
CSU – Jonathan

Jonathan is a sophomore at CSU, and is progressing well in engineering(electronics/software focus)!  His accomplishments and energies as he excels in academics and his entrepreneurial dreams, now having his own LLC in web development, are fun to watch.  We are honored to have him as our son!


Snowboarding - Bryan
Snowboarding – Bryan

Bryan is a junior in high school and working hard to finish early so he can focus well on a truly professional aim at snowboarding.  His soccer season was again excellent, as he personally scored numerous goals and his team went again to playoffs.  He excels in many areas of life.  We are honored to have him as our son!





English Jumping - Eliana
English Jumping – Eliana

Eliana is in her 1st year of high school and “for her” enjoying it!  We’ll not over-extrapolate here, just in saying she is entering new and exciting territories of “enjoyment” of school. 🙂   She is ever-increasing her love of horses and recently hit the 2’3” mark on her English-style jumping.  We are honored to have her as our daughter!



Thank you for your love for us, and for undergirding all we are and do!  It has with you, been a truly remarkable and great year in 2016!

Immeasurable grace and  love will assuredly abound in 2017!  Joyful Christmas and a truly prosperous New Year in 2017 to you!

Dan & Nora                Jonathan & Bryan & Eliana