about Daniel Emig & GHNI


Dan (oval)

Daniel is Global Hope Network International staff. He is the Eastern Europe and South Asia Lead Assist, where he now works in Serbia, Albania, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. He is always looking for new key locations to build-out “Model” TCD villages, allowing them to intrinsically expand out into cluster-villages able to expand organically at greatly reduced costs.

His focus is helping villages become self-sustaining via Transformational Community Development (TCD)

Who GHNI is:

Global Hope Network International [GHNI] is a Non-Government Organization(NGO). GHNI is a Swiss-based(Geneva, Switzerland) NGO. It is a international humanitarian aid organization providing relief and holistic self-sustainable community development to the neediest unreached people in Africa, Middle East and Asia, through locally-led catalytic models of transformation-TCD.

What GHNI does:

Global Hope Network provides many services including:
* Development, using TCD-Transformational Community Development for impoverished villages
* Emergency Rapid Response Relief
* Natural Disaster Relief
* Disease and Poverty mediation without creating ongoing dependencies
* Recruiting and sending of short-term volunteer teams
* Networking community leaders in effective application of resources to existing problems
* Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy(GILPP) – Geneva, Switzerland

Contact Daniel at:      

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