Anniversary (30th), Heart Surgery, B. in India … 23mar.’22

Warmest greetings … 

Nora and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary on the 14th!  So grateful for the journey and her in my life!  

Frequently I’m reminded, usually in conversations, often in wet eyes, that my heartbeat and breathing upon this planet, have been extended.  So grateful are Nora and I, for your continued concerns and expressions and provisions!  

Surgery coming up:
The next planned surgery is 6 April.  Delayed for a month due to Covid, I am a bit stronger because of this delay.  Surgery is: see photo: 
*   Tevar = a stint/graft inserted into the aorta and
*   Bypass 
In this case, imagine, it will be higher in the aorta and block the first one of those 3 top arteries 
hence … the need for the bypass, so one of my arms keeps working with blood flow.  🙂 

4 years ago, I was in Binadpur, India.  Young B., a single man, had a heart and love to work there, as the area was extremely impoverished.  GHNI had no additional funding for a new village of budgeted TCD.  B. was undeterred!  On a shoe-string budget via some funds outside the usual GHNI process, and a small non-profit, B. set his will, fully into it all.  Today, he is married and has a little boy. The village and on all 5 levels of TCD … Water / Food / Health / Education / Finances, is now in much-much better condition.  It has not been easy.  Resistance from political and social unrest has been faced and was fierce at times.  We are so very grateful for such young men and women, as B. 

Nora and I are grateful to serve alongside you in all these endeavors and advancing sustainable development!  

More to come in the coming months, as we give focus to Ukraine and how we are helping there.  

Much love … 


If your heart so moves, we would love you to join us in these movements of sustainable expansion among such needful people.  Relationships, finances, participation in trips, and more, are all intricate in this journey of love each of us lives out in 2022.   Freely contact us for details or questions, input, and needs.  Join us on a trip. 

Thank you !!!
Global Hope Network International
934 N. Magnolia Ave.   Suite # 310
Orlando,   FL   32803-3840

One thought on “Anniversary (30th), Heart Surgery, B. in India … 23mar.’22

  1. marywda

    To God be the glory for all He is doing! New favorite song, “Don’t tell me He can’t do it!” (Brandon Lake). Mary Kindness: Martin Luther King Quote Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.

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