CaringBridge (Dan) update … 9 July ‘21

Dan here again …
I keep trying to tell myself that I will have fewer down days.  Not reality.  Yes, they do seem some measure less frequent, yet still very much there.  

Had a good visit with the ENT in Denver today.  Explained to them that I had been trying to “hum” more over the past two weeks, as the ENT in recovery had said the same vocal cords are used.  Sure enough, over the past four days, I am getting some voice back.  No where near my opera norm (LOL), yet an encouraging start.  ENT Denver was so encouraged, that they said I would not have to come back, as long as things continued to improve.  Yeah !!!

Please do continue praying for a full recovery, and especially that my kidneys would kick into a healthy high gear, so as to lose this post-surgery stubborn body fluid.  

Grateful for you and your gracious concern for me and Nora, in these difficult days … !


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