Geneva Leadership Team – Africa/Middle East/Asia

Geneva Leadership Team

Geneva Leadership Team

Within every worthy endeavor is healthy authentic servant leadership. Geneva Switzerland and across the border in France, GHNI hosted its regional leaders from Africa, the Middle East and Asia. GHNI labors in very difficult areas of these regions. This requires all of our staff to lead in a fashion of serving each other out of each of our sources of strength.

Sushil, Martins & Murray

Sushil, Martins & Murray

For one leader, it may be a strength of personality, influence. For another it may be primarily from abilities to raise donor/financial awareness. For another it may be in cross-cultural initiatives and training. For yet another it may be in their primary role of administration and/or logistics. For others it may be in their technical background. The key is that we recognize and come alongside each other in their need(s), thereby fulfilling accomplishments impossible for any one individual.

GLT Fondu Party

GLT Fondu Party

We are both humbled yet proud to serve alongside each of our team members and leaders from these regions.

Differing countries in one common purpose ...

Differing countries in one common purpose …

Each of us on the team is equally thankful for you who undergird and support these our common endeavors. With your help we are all equally involved and committed to providing help and hope for the hidden and hurting. Thanks … Dan
Dan & Martins

Dan & Martins

About GHNI daniel emig

Global Hope Network International - GHNI E. Europe & S. Asia Lead Assist Click to edit summaryI and our work in GHNI – Global Hope Network International seek to help the poorest of the poor become self-sustaining and human in the fullest sense. Using location-based relationships and resources, GHNI allows these to be the catalyst of change discovered and embraced. Via our mentoring on, and access to, water, food, wellness (health), education, and finances; people are freed to live the whole lives they were meant to live.

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