Unedited Well News From Arcot & Tirupur, India

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People those who lived in Ammapalayam, Tirupur went through much scarcity of water and also lot of physical and mental hardship.  In Tirupur our team had campaign against suicides, through which we reached thousands of people.  This area in India records highest suicide rate.  With the help of GHNI we dig a bore well in one of the village, around 400 people benefited out of this.

Another bore well was drilled in the same way in Arcot, near Vellore.  This bore well benefited around 200 people.  Through these bore wells in these 2 places hundreds of people got enough drinking water.

More than 200 families in this village, but there is water scarcity .  GHNI helped us to make 300 feet bore well with the expense of Rs.90,000/-.  The bore well was dedicated by our National leaders Mrs. Annie, Mrs. Neena.

Another bore well is digging now in Gummudipundi area on the way to Andhra from Chennai. This will complete it works next week. This is the place where Dan visited and heard the story of a poor widow.

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Global Hope Network International - GHNI E. Europe & S. Asia Lead Assist Click to edit summaryI and our work in GHNI – Global Hope Network International seek to help the poorest of the poor become self-sustaining and human in the fullest sense. Using location-based relationships and resources, GHNI allows these to be the catalyst of change discovered and embraced. Via our mentoring on, and access to, water, food, wellness (health), education, and finances; people are freed to live the whole lives they were meant to live.

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