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Sushil is one of my heroes. He was born into the lowest caste and raised barefoot in a poor village in India. It wasn’t until high school that he owned his first pair of shoes. By a miracle he went to college where his life was changed and he saw that there was hope for him and his people, some of the poorest in India.  He married a wonderful young woman from a low caste and they began their journey.  Though Sushil was hired to work in Calcutta, he and his wife never lost their desire to return and help the millions of rural poor of India. Five years ago he contacted us to seek a way to bring help to the poor – help that would not create dependency, but independence and transformation.

My heart is filled with joy and gratitude as I share with you that this vision is becoming a reality. After five years of working and learning of how to do Transformational Community Development in northern India, we have seen many lives and families changed. Villages are being transformed because they’re learning about water access, healthy food, economic diversity in agriculture, rural health and education.  As a result, a large partner in India asked us to help train 700 of their village workers, to multiply the Sustainable TCD methodology throughout India.       (Hal Jones – President) 

India “proposals-to-projects” are now queuing up and awaiting urgent funding …

India “proposals-to-projects” are now queuing up and awaiting urgent funding via GHNI!

In the past three weeks we have had major requests come into GHNI from India for wells, goats and pigs.

1) These proposals are for 5 villages (Panposh, Barkot, Garposh, Arambagh & Masad) in two states (Orissa and West Bengal).

2) These proposals are made with the focus of helping one family with one set of goats (1male and 2female) and we have a total of 25 familes in 5villages (helping 5families in each villages), so we have proposed for 25 sets of goat.  Goat prices each are between $50 – $75 USA Dollars each.

3)  One well costs between $2,000 – $3,000 each.  And we have proposal for 5 wells.

4) Pig prices are averaging $45 USA Dollars for each pig.

Human Trafficking & TCD

Prostitutes in red light district, India.

GHNI is committed to TCD-Transformational Community Development for many reasons.  One vital reason is that via TCD, incomes

Mumbai, India a mom with a photo of her lost daughter (credit: "Kay Chernush for the U.S. State Department.")

become self-sustaining in villages; villages that are preyed upon by those sponsoring human trafficking.  Our work and co-laborative efforts with other organizations fighting against human trafficking and sexual exploitation is vital.  Working together with others, we in GHNI focus in on prevention at its core, preventing the reasons for these women and children from entering into exploitation environments to begin with.

February and early March, I will be part of a team that goes to Kolkata and a number of villages near there, working with anti-human trafficking TCD planning and doing media footage, seeking to raise awareness and funding for these crucial needs.  Preparations are in full swing for this at present!