“Planner” versus “Searcher”

"Searcher" Education - Sri Lanka


The White Man’s Burden, the book has some insight into what we in GHNI are talking about when it addresses the “Planner” versus the “Searcher”.

Quote: “In foreign aid, Planners announce good intentions but don’t motivate anyone to carry them out;    Searchers find things that work and get some reward(for recipients – my add).  Planners raise expectations but take no responsibility for meeting them;  Searchers accept responsibility for their actions.  Planners determine what to supply;  Searchers find out what is in demand.  Planners apply global blueprints;  Searchers adapt to local conditions.  Planners at the top lack knowledge of the bottom;  Searchers find out what reality is at the bottom.”    

GHNI is constantly pursuing that “bottom”, that true need, that which is most helpful in self-sustainability and transforming lives.  Embracement, personal embracement of change, and using all local relationships and resources, all go hand in hand.  This can never happen in a top-down(bottom) approach.

Searcher … is who we are and how we do it.

Indonesia – GHNI Interview

I was able to be here for this interview with John and Phil, GHNI staff in Indonesia.  It was truly a great time to get to know these guys as we had our staff conference together outside Bangalore, India.  Oh yes, and also Jeff Power, our rambling country spot-lighter and donor director.

This interview can be seen at:


Coffee Without Borders


Coffee Without Borders, http://www.coffeewithoutborders.com/ a compassion based coffee company just advised us they will contribute $2.00 per 7 oz. bag of coffee purchased on their website for the entire month of January and February to GHNI dedicated to assisting our efforts in India to drill water wells bringing clean drinking water to those most in need.

Please tell your friends and neighbors that not only will they be able to enjoy a great cup of Hawaii fresh roasted coffee, but assist GHNI in providing help and hope to these villages.

New Year in 2012

We in GHNI are very much looking forward to this new year in 2012 and especially in how we can better focus on truly qualitative “Help” and “Hope” for the “Hidden” and “Hurting” in the countries we work in. Our goals are always pivoted on the truth that helping people out of extreme poverty will only come about by fully engaging local people, resources, ideas, influence and leadership.

Your partnership in this is essential and crucial.

Thank you, you who have contributed generously your time, resources and financials to these foci!