Tirupur, India suicide rates

GHNI has ongoing work in Tirupur, India, a textile (clothing) industry city.  Our work there is in seeking to help in lowering the extremely high suicide rates of these workers.  Conditions are unbearable in many factories there. A typical work week is 6 days, 12 hours each day and a pay of only $3-$5.5 per day.  A good WEB site to start looking at this is at:


Textile Factory - Tirupur, India

Let us get started … entering the blogging world of GHNIdaniel.com

Emig Family: Dan, Nora, Jonathan, Bryan & Eliana

Greetings of friendship as we enter into this new blogging start-up!

What a joy and privilege it is to actually be starting this blog.  So much has happened in the last 9 months, as I and my family have entered into this special relationship, life and adventure within Global Hope Network International, India and beyond.

You and us, together we will learn and adventure.  Together we will step outside our comfort zone to meet new people and allow ourselves into their world of poverty, hunger, hiddenness and hopelessness.  Together we will actually partake in helping them step into a different life of self-sustainability and transformation.  Together we will see them and their families into help, hope and the truest of futures.

This blog will never be “about” me.  This blog will never be “about” the poor.  This blog will never be “about” you.  This blog is about our mutual labor of love and in being and doing our parts to make it a whole process.  This blog is about a win-win for all involved participants.

So stay posted as we move along this road together, meaning you and us.  This is only the intro-blog write-up, so our hope is to have new communications to you and from you about 2-4 times per month.  This blog site is still a bit rough around the edges, so in due time we will be refining it, again together.

Together we will not simply “stay tuned”, rather we will “stay involved”!

Thank you so very much …