Kicked Around A Bit … 19april’22

Grateful, once again, for Ro’i, who was there with me post-surgery!  

The last surgery on the 6th, albeit more minor than any in the last 11 months, has definitely kicked me about more than expected.  I’m just now getting outside for short walks, gaining strength and loss of pain, incrementally-incrementally.  I do have some minor tingling in my left few toes and right longer fingers (tips of each); possibly as a result of the spinal drain they used during and post-surgery. 

We had a blessed though somewhat lonely Easter, with all the kids either being sick or away.  Bryan was doing a shoot/YouTube/Matthew Beem, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. and Eliana has Covid … again.  She’s on the mend.  It was a deep journey for Nora and me on Easter, with me still on the mend and our hearts heavy in all this. 

I’ve missed a good number of ZOOM meetings the past two weeks, and all concerned have been so gracious and loving, knowing I’ll get back in the saddle soon enough.  Even this morning at 6a, I couldn’t make the FLT-Field Leadership Team time, and missed the Middle-East meeting yesterday … truly missing those and the hearts on those such calls.  

Ukraine:  at this time we as an organization have chosen to channel funds into other organizations better equipped to handle the needs in and outside Ukraine.  Since we focus more on sustainable solutions, we are at present not initiating any DR-Disaster Relief efforts. That may change in the future, especially as my health improves.  A best example would be me personally initiating funding(s) to an organization, which tapped me for deciding how they might send funds.  My vote was entirely for a separate organization that is, on the ground, youthful, energized, community-based, living on shoe-strings budgets, mobile, honest, hands-on, in and outside Ukraine … and on the list of benefits via them.  

Knowing you are concerned, we take all confidence in restoration and the journey ahead … ever excited in knowing … for our good and the good of others. 

Thanks for taking the time to read through this short update.  We love you.  

Nora and I are grateful to have you in our lives and!   

Much love … 


If your heart so moves, we would love you to join us in these movements of expansion and whole restorations of so many lives.   

Thank you !!!
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Anniversary (30th), Heart Surgery, B. in India … 23mar.’22

Warmest greetings … 

Nora and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary on the 14th!  So grateful for the journey and her in my life!  

Frequently I’m reminded, usually in conversations, often in wet eyes, that my heartbeat and breathing upon this planet, have been extended.  So grateful are Nora and I, for your continued concerns and expressions and provisions!  

Surgery coming up:
The next planned surgery is 6 April.  Delayed for a month due to Covid, I am a bit stronger because of this delay.  Surgery is: see photo: 
*   Tevar = a stint/graft inserted into the aorta and
*   Bypass 
In this case, imagine, it will be higher in the aorta and block the first one of those 3 top arteries 
hence … the need for the bypass, so one of my arms keeps working with blood flow.  🙂 

4 years ago, I was in Binadpur, India.  Young B., a single man, had a heart and love to work there, as the area was extremely impoverished.  GHNI had no additional funding for a new village of budgeted TCD.  B. was undeterred!  On a shoe-string budget via some funds outside the usual GHNI process, and a small non-profit, B. set his will, fully into it all.  Today, he is married and has a little boy. The village and on all 5 levels of TCD … Water / Food / Health / Education / Finances, is now in much-much better condition.  It has not been easy.  Resistance from political and social unrest has been faced and was fierce at times.  We are so very grateful for such young men and women, as B. 

Nora and I are grateful to serve alongside you in all these endeavors and advancing sustainable development!  

More to come in the coming months, as we give focus to Ukraine and how we are helping there.  

Much love … 


If your heart so moves, we would love you to join us in these movements of sustainable expansion among such needful people.  Relationships, finances, participation in trips, and more, are all intricate in this journey of love each of us lives out in 2022.   Freely contact us for details or questions, input, and needs.  Join us on a trip. 

Thank you !!!
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Armenia … continues GHNI/TCD into 2022

Many of you helped with this endeavor in Armenia, last year, when things were so stressful and crazy, with war. Thanks so much! This work has continued in full measure, via the love and labor of Tamara and Sam. We have been in touch the past few weeks, and I have been so encouraged in their progress, even in my medical-issues absence. This video is from last year, yet represents presently, a portion of the work of GHNI/TCD being furthered. Grateful for you and them … Dan

February 15th 2021

I am so privileged to be a small part of the oversight and supervision of this wonderful GHNI endeavor in Drashen(Jrashen), ARMENIA. Tamara and Sam have done an excellent job with the new Community Center, training social workers, DR-Disaster Relief efforts during and after the war, and a host of other activities currently going on there … all TCD-based. Contact me if you’d like to participate in this expansion … Dan

Good Start Into 2022 !

Dearest friend … 

We thank you so much for ushering us into 2022, so well prayed for, so well supported, and so well-loved!  

Health issues:
I am slowly gaining strength and stamina. Last week I noticed a small uptick in my walking pace and distance.  I’ve graduated off wound-care completely, so no more 3x per week bandage changes.  Yeah!  It’s still difficult to sit long, yet so much better than even a few weeks ago.  
The next surgery is on 2 March.  This will include a stint into the aorta, via an artery in my leg, as well as a special by-pass due to the stent location blocking an artery to my neck/brain.  Gotta keep that brain supplied!  LOL!   🙂 

has allowed me to get into more personal and meeting times with a good number of GHNI staff and associates in countries we work in.  I’ll keep wading in more, slowing a bit in early March; then be able to jump in deeper by mid-March.  It’s difficult to put into words, all the good things our associates are doing in these countries of Serbia, Armenia, Lebanon, Iraq, India, and Nepal.  I’m so grateful for our co-workers and friends in these countries, as they have shoes-on-the-ground and carry out TCD, ELD, their personal hearts of love.  

Example in Armenia:
Tamara and her husband, Sam, have carried on with very little personal time with me over the past 7 months.  Why?  Because of our excellent training?  Well kinda, sure; but most of their work comes from their own hearts to expand their lives into others, and mentoring, and see our training(s) as tools to better accomplish this, while providing sustainable development to lives and villages.  Family relationships and counseling seminars are being held.  Sewing trades are being taught by those trained 18 months ago.  Governmental relationships are constantly improving.  Music lessons are being taught by Sam.  Post-war community groups have been organized to help those affected by the conflict.  And the beauty of it all?  It’s all woven in seamlessly with sharing the love God has put in their hearts.  

Please continue supporting those in difficult countries of hardships, as we all work together to supply for their current needs.  Winter has been brutal in many places we work.  

Grateful for you … 

Dan and Nora
If your heart so moves, we would love you to join us in these movements of sustainability.  Relationships, finances, participation in trips, and more, are all intricate in this journey of helping and loving, from each of our lives out in 2022.   
Global Hope Network International
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