We’re on it ! Coronavirus/COVID-19 … prevention & training …

Woman in rice field
Woman in rice field 
Women in TCD training
Women in TCD training
Refugee man receiving essentials
Refugee man receiving essentials

Delayed trip update …

was planning to wrap up our Iraq/Kurdistan & Lebanon trip briefing, but current conditions in all our lives necessitate this instead!  We are grateful to have made it back home, just under the wire of severe travel restrictions !  🙂

We’re on it !

As each of us deals with our own version of Coronavirus prevention, playing out in our lives … while also peering into the future of all the “what if(s)”; know that we are extremely pro-active in our staff training and outlay of information and help(s) to all villages we are doing TCD in.  Just yesterday, I was pushing out additional lessons and Coronavirus links to all our staff in countries I work in.  Many of the preventative principles applied to Coronavirus, have already been taught, to all our trainees and village committees.  Not only are we “on it” … we’ve been “on it” for years now, addressing disease prevention, long before Corona became an international household issue.

While not exhaustive or specific to each TCD village situation and/or refugee camp, the following “lesson” will give you a glimpse into what we are actively doing now.  And while the lessons are originally written for a somewhat educated audience, they are used well in villages we have TCD in, taught at various levels of education, appropriated to each level.  Additionally, below the lesson, are links, such as the (WHO) link, given to all country leaders to pass on to field staff, then committees, and all villagers.

Pray for our staff, our associates, and all villages and refugee camps … as we are very concerned in how highly concentrated people groups are vulnerable to Coronavirus spreading extremely rapidly!

We’re on it … we’ve been on it … we’re staying on it … we’ll be on this for years to come, as this is one of our aims in TCD !

With deep hearts of gratitude for your concerns and financial giving to all we are and do !!!



Based on a lesson developed by

Community Development Consultants, Modesto CA


CORONAVIRUS IS COMING! (first role play)

Remember that older people are especially susceptible to Coronavirus, and social distancing is extremely needful !!!

Role Play: Two people are talking.
1st I’m scared!
2nd What’s the matter?
1st Coronavirus is coming!
2nd Coronavirus? What’s that?
1st It’s a new and deadly virus! And I’m scared!
2nd Oh! Where can we hide from the virus?

Coronavirus Disease—Symptoms and Treatment

Objectives After working through this lesson:

1.     Participants will know some basic information about coronavirus disease-19.

2.     Participants will be able to tell others about the symptoms and treatment of coronavirus disease.

Overview for facilitators This is an introductory lesson about the symptoms and treatment of Coronavirus disease. Next time we will focus more on prevention of this diseases.
Materials ·       Poster-size paper, markers, and masking tape

·       Starters

o   Coronavirus is coming!

·       Handouts

o   Coronavirus Photo and Symptoms


  Role Play       Facilitator        Group Discussion      Question for Group      Handouts/Instructions

Use the attached Coronavirus is coming! role play. (5 minutes) (Use the first role play. The second role play, I’m still scared!, will be used later.
SHOWD QUESTIONS What did you See? What was Happening? Does this happen in Our place? Why does this happen? What will we Do about it?
I. What is Coronavirus? (5 minutes)

Discuss in large group:

A.     Coronavirus is a type of virus. What are viruses?

1.     Viruses are tiny. They are too small to be seen, even with a microscope.

2.     The common cold is caused by a virus.

3.     Many infections are caused by viruses.

B.     What is coronavirus? Why are people worried about the coronavirus?

1.     Coronavirus is a new virus that is causing a lot of disease.

2.     Some people die from coronavirus disease.

3.     Coronavirus disease is also called COVID-19.

4.     COVID-19 is an abbreviation for Coronavirus Disease 2019. It first became a problem in 2019.

5.     Coronavirus disease is spreading to more countries, rapidly.

6.     People are scared that they may get sick with coronavirus disease.

C.    If you can, show a picture of coronavirus. (Optional)

This is a picture of coronavirus, magnified or made much larger in size.

What does it look like?

1.     It looks like a big circle with spikes.

2.     It looks like a crown.

D.    In some languages, “corona” means crown. Coronavirus looks like a crown. But it is much smaller.



II. Spread of coronavirus (10 minutes)

Discuss in large group.

A.     How does coronavirus disease spread?

1.     Coronavirus disease may have started as a disease of animals.

2.     But then the coronavirus spread from animals to people.

3.     Now coronavirus disease is spreading between people.

B.     How does coronavirus disease spread between people?

1.     Coronavirus disease spreads mostly by coughing and sneezing.

2.     Coronavirus can spread between people who are close together, within about 2 meters.

3.     Someone with coronavirus disease coughs out small droplets that contain the virus. When those droplets lands on the mouth or nose of somebody nearby, they can get infected.

4.     It is possible that a person might get infected by touching doorknob or other object which has coronavirus on it, and then touching their mouth, nose, or eyes. But that is not as likely.

C.    Why is it important to know how coronavirus spreads?

1.     If we know how it spreads, we can find ways to prevent its spread.

2.     It we know how it spreads, then we can learn ways to prevent the disease.

D.    Who is most at risk of getting coronavirus disease?

1.     People who live in countries or areas where coronavirus is common.

2.     People who travel to a country where coronavirus is common.

3.     People who work with animals infected with coronavirus.

4.     People who care for people who are sick with coronavirus disease.

E.     Where has coronavirus diseases been found so far?

1.     Coronavirus disease was first found in China.

2.     Then it spread to South Korea and other countries.

3.     We don’t know how far it will spread.



Symptoms of coronavirus (15 minutes.)

Give out the handout, Coronavirus Photo and Symptoms.

A.     What are some symptoms of coronavirus disease?

1.     Many people will have a cough.

2.     Many will have a fever.

3.     Many infections are mild, like a cold.

4.     But some people will get pneumonia and be very sick.

5.     Some people may even die.

B.     What are some symptoms of pneumonia?

1.     Shortness of breath

2.     Difficulty breathing

3.     Rapid breathing

C.    Divide into groups of three people. Pretend that you are visiting a neighbor. Use the handout Coronavirus Photo and Symptoms to describe what coronavirus disease is and what some of the symptoms are. Then switch roles.

IV. Treatment (10 minutes)

Discuss in large group.

A.     Who needs to be cared for at a hospital or clinic?

1.     Anyone who is very sick

2.     Anyone who has trouble breathing

3.     Anyone who may have pneumonia.

4.     Anyone who has other health problems

B.     If you think you may have coronavirus disease, what should you do before going to a hospital or clinic?

1.     Call your doctor or health care provider (If you have one locally). They may need to take special precautions.

2.     Wear a face mask (check your local markets for these masks, as many are being produced rapidly worldwide).

3.     Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.

4.     Separate yourself from other people.

5.     Wash your hands.

C.    What will your health care provider ask you to find out if you are at risk?

1.     Where do you live? Do you live in an area where there has been coronavirus?

2.     Where have you traveled?

3.     Do you work with wild or farm animals?

4.     Have you been around someone who is sick with coronavirus?

D.    Is there a lab test for coronavirus disease-19?

1.     There is a lab test (WHO-World Health Organization provided), but it may not be available in your area.

E.     What is the treatment for coronavirus-19?

1.     Treatment is supportive.

2.     People who are sick will be cared for at the hospital or clinic.

3.     Many people can be taken care of at home.

4.     There are no specific medicines for coronavirus disease yet.

5.     There is no vaccine for coronavirus-19 yet.

6.     But they are working on a vaccine.

7.     And they hope to develop medicines for coronavirus disease.


ATTITUDE: Participants will know that coronavirus can be a serious disease, but it is not always serious and it can be avoided.


SKILL: Participants are teaching others about coronavirus disease.



Are the participants talking with their neighbors about coronavirus disease?



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 2020. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Available from: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

Wikipedia. 2020. Coronavirus disease 2019. Available from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronavirus_disease_2019

World Health Organization. 2020. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. Available from: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019


World Health Organization. 2020.

Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 2029

IRAQ/Kurdistan … 1 March 2020

Dear one …

IRAQ/Kurdistan now … Erbil, Kalar, and Sulaymaniah … 

Each person and family has a story.  Severe loss and trauma escapes none of their personal histories or lives.  You and I are on journey with these precious ones.   

Sometimes it all seems like a drop in the bucket … $6K spent on food here … $2.2K spent on heating fuel there … $1.2K spent on a flood prevention drainage pipe over there … $150 given for a severe case of asthma in another place … $150 given for X-rays for a fallen damaged elbow of an 8 year old girl … $200 given for location permanence costs … it can never end.  

Yet none of this life we live is really about funds.  

Relationships, yes.  

Some relationships are ever so brief, only a half-hour interview, at times leaving one with a type of vacuum of heart … what just happened back there?(.)  Another has been built over several years now, ever deepening in each of our times together.  Most are somewhere in-between.  

We are working with such great teams over here.  They know how to love … a lot longer and deeper and better than we do in these contexts.  We are so grateful they are here, living close, able to relate and give much more in relationship, as we are here for such a brief time as this.     


A lot more is happening outside these camps, in other relationships and venues we savor. 

More to come in our next update … cannot thank you enough for your being here with us and them in prayer and financial backing !!!

“(He) is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” 


48 hours & off to Iraq/Kurdistan & Lebanon … 

48 hours & off to Iraq/Kurdistan & Lebanon …

Friend …

Struggling on this update, as to how to best communicate.  I don’t want “drama”.  Yet do want to communicate in trueness, difficult realities.

Mike and I leave in about 48 hours(Thursday) for Lebanon and Iraq/Kurdistan.

Let’s start with some very good news !
$ 20,000   has already come in for Iraq/Kurdistan refugees, relief, training, development, TCD!  So very grateful !
$ 5,000   has already come in to cover all my trip expenses and some overages for development!  So very grateful !
$ 4,000 has already come in to cover my colleague, Mike Park’s travel expenses and relief needs!  So very grateful … and he is also !  🙂
$ 1,250 … of the $ 2,000 – $ 5,000 needed/desired for the refugees in Lebanon, has come in.  So very grateful !

If your heart so moves you to help with this, please let me know, and I can help you best to channel those funds, quickly.  So grateful (sensing some repetition here) for your urgent considerations in this !

Now for some difficult communications.
Refugees from Syria are pouring into Turkey, and there remains a flow into Iraq.
It’s been an awful cold winter in this region of Iraq and Lebanon.  Refugees are in need of basic sustenance food items and heating fuel.  One of the above photos shows our staff there, in the Karakosh/Ninivah region of Iraq, getting fuel for refugees there.  Another photo showing is from a news source, where people/families, have literally frozen to death.  I drew the line at not showing those more explicit photos.

Our agenda remains the same as in our last update.  Already, we’re having to adjust the schedule to accommodate additional needs and added collaborative times with others in the area.

In brief, we are planning to:

  • Relief Distribution to refugees in the Bardarach(Barda rash)

  • Meet diplomats working to protect minorities

  • TCD follow-up training – Yazidi refugees and Kurdish leaders

  • Relief Distribution to Yazidi refugees around Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan

  • ELD – Entrepreneur Leadership Development vision casting

  • Meet with many leaders currently embracing our TCD/Development Model

  • Plan our next trips there in 2020

  • Key players who seek to initiate new potential K-12 school

Hoping you’ll receive another of these updates, fresh from the field, soon

Thanking you much for your kindness in reading this and your listening heart !

Daniel and Nora

GHNI – Global Hope Network International (11% assessment)

Global Hope Network International
934 N. Magnolia Avenue, Ste. 310
ORLANDO FL 32803-3840
“Preferred for Emig family”

Daniel & Nora
… Jonathan, Bryan & Eliana

28 January 2020 Bardarach, IRAQ/Kurdistan Bound …in February !

Friend …

1/12th of 2020 is about to be finished, and we’ve come out of the 2020 gate with a keen focus to make it a grand year of serving people and helping them out of all their forms of poverty!  We are so grateful in these doors opening for our work, and development (on multiple levels) !

2nd/12th of 2020 is aimed at equally keenly in and with your desired participation!  As indicated in all the ending updates of 2019, we are expanding on several foci, into the Middle East, with launches already having taken place into Kurdistan/IRAQ.  Plans now, are to leave for Sulaimaniyah (Kurdistan), around the 20th of February.  There, we plan to:

  • Distribute essentials to Kurd/Syrian/Assyrian refugees in the Bardarach(Barda rash)

  • Meet with key government diplomats in Erbil, at the Ministry of Religious Affairs to discuss our mutual vestments in protecting religious minorities in the region

  • Training continued further in TCD among Yazidi refugees and Kurdish leaders

  • Distribute essentials to Yazidi refugees around Sulaimaniyah

  • Plan with current key entrepreneurs and leaders to introduce ELD-Entrepreneur Leadership Development the middle of this year

  • Strategically plan our next trips there for 2020

  • Visits in as yet undisclosed areas and contacts for TCD expansion

  • Meet with key players who are in initial stages of starting a new  K-12 school

  • Lots of other venues and relationships always happen, simply because we “show up”


$ 20,000 has already been raised and committed for refugee relief and development, via several donors who are committed to the region and our specific foci of work there.  Grateful we are !

$ 3,500 is what it costs me to get over there, make a side trip to Lebanon, and have small funding for unforeseen people in need.  Will you please consider this need?  Thanks!

Funding link is listed below.  If you give, please drop me a note, for tracking and acknowledging your kindness.

Thanking you hugely already for your kindness in reading this and your listening heart!


GHNI – Global Hope Network International

Global Hope Network International
934 N. Magnolia Avenue, Ste. 310
ORLANDO FL 32803-3840
“Preferred for Emig family”

Thank you immensely !!!

Daniel & Nora
… Jonathan, Bryan & Eliana

No intrusiveness … only a reminder for those busy in this season EOY 2019 … of needs !

Dear one …

we are not seeking intrusiveness, only a reminder for those busy in this season, who may have forgotten or misplaced some of our previous relatings.

We are expanding our focus broadly and deeply in 2020, as outlined in our November/December BLOG updates!


These expansions(below) are, in addition to work we already do in multiple countries over the past 9 years:

  • education coordination in Iraq/Kurdistan targeting mid-level and lower-level leaders

  • TCD – Transformational Community Development in the Middle East and Serbia(Balkans)

  • ELD – Entrepreneurial Leadership Development in the context of TCD in all countries we work in … and focused on Yazidi and Kurds and Serbs

  • education translations, focused on expanding in the Middle East, specifically among the Kurds and Yazidi

  • Kurds and Yazidi better enabled to expand the Development/TCD in countries near/in Kurdistan

  • Relief and Development work among refugees in Kurdistan/Iraq


EOY – End Of Year donations so far, have us wondering if maybe we’ve not communicated well.  If you have not yet considered your EOY giving focus, please consider how you might enjoy vesting in those we serve, especially as we all join together in furthering Development and Self-sustainment !

These financial needs are:

  • $ 15,000 annually for 4x trips per year … usually 6-8 country locations, villages, refugee areas, etc.

  • $ 1,400 monthly personal … due to donations attrition and cost of living increases

  • $ 60,000 annually to specific projects, especially in Kurdistan/Iraq and the Middle East, where so much is suffering is present, and TCD Development expansion is so needful

Feel free to contact us for any clarifications and levels of current needs met.

Giving links are below.

Grateful for you … grateful for all your considerations!

Daniel and Nora

719.440.0796   Dan/m.


GHNI – Global Hope Network International

Global Hope Network International
934 N. Magnolia Avenue, Ste. 310
ORLANDO FL 32803-3840
“Preferred for Emig work”

Thank you !!!

Daniel & Nora
… Jonathan, Bryan & Eliana

December 2019 Emig Family and International Wrap-up for ’19 and Heading Into ’20 

December 2019 Emig Family and International Wrap-up for ’19 and Heading Into ’20

Dear Friend, that personal gift of you, in our lives …

Nora and I thank you deeply for being such a major part of our journey and life together.  Pressing ahead with you feels less like “pressing”, and more like a hand-in-hand pilgrimage.  We are privileged and grateful !

Summer ’19 was especially eventful, in that we were honored to be a part of a widening group of leaders.  Meeting in Breckenridge, Colorado, people of a wide variety of leadership roles and location-based serving, were there to glean from each other and understand our individual parts in this growing group of influencers internationally and domestically.  From anti-human trafficking to village development to disaster relief to many others … we all enjoyed learning and relating together.

Ari and Aram (Kurdistan/Iraq) were hosted by Mike Parks (GSA) and I this summer.  What a good compressed two weeks it was.  Too numerous were the events and relationships (personal and organizational) built to cover them all.  Some highlights of activities and connections were:

    • Materials for translation into Kurdish – to train leaders in Iraq
    • International Training Institute
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom (honoring vets) events – 3 different locations and times
  • Planning and strategy times with 15+ groups and organizations
  • Gathering with those more experienced in the region of the Middle East and specifically Kurdistan/Iraq
  • The list of events and relating goes on and on, with too many to add, almost constant …

Rwanda training last month in ELD-Entrepreneur Leadership Development was beyond my hopes.  Dovetailing perfectly with TCD we’ve done for years, it was what I needed to shore up this area of experience, especially in my first time in Africa.  28 attendees walked through extensive micro-enterprise, allowing each to embrace the framework of starting and growing a small business in their country.  Trained, they were ready for the “Shark Tank” in which their business plans competed against others!  Three in the group already had their “real” businesses, and fed their experiences into the knowing-best-principles the others needed.  Superb in every way, I can hardly wait to teach others in this, as it’s integrated into our TCD and Disaster Relief training.

As funds avail, Mike and I are planning to be back in Kurdistan/Iraq ASAP!   We will work with Ari and Aram and the Yazidi refugees, as well as refugees flowing into the region from Syria and other countries.  I am still very much tied to Serbia TCD, as well as my continued responsibilities of oversight assistance in South Asia.  You likely discern from our monthly updates, that activities are deepening and broadening quickly.  We need guidance and wisdom, moving forward.


She’s doing so well in this her second year of teaching 2nd and 4th grades special need children.  It is though, extremely difficult some days.  Sometimes she comes home so wiped out she can barely do more than collapse on the couch, while other days she’s beaming in laughter at something one of the kids said.  One kid “fired” her one week and then wanted to “marry her” the next!  LOL !  She’s praying about getting her certification in this area.


Final stretch it is for Jonathan, as he laps into this last year of engineering school at Colorado State University.  Emily, his girlfriend, is with us for Thanksgiving, and what a sweetie she is!  Jonathan is looking into moving out to California, where Emily is in med school.


He is laying solid groundwork in media production, as he lives in Boulder, CO and starts his own business in videography/photography.  His creative juices are cranking out some very good content, as he gains traction in his love of media and how that intertwines with relationships.  https://www.instagram.com/bryan_emig/?hl=en


Graduating early from high school, Eliana is still very much in love with the horse world and finds herself excelling and being promoted within its ranks.  Karen, her much-loved instructor now, sees in Eliana, a gift and ability to excel and increasingly find her footing.

They grow up way to fast !!!


As prompted, you can be a part of our financial needs, monthly, or regular, increases or special time giving; we are grateful indeed!     Needs are

  • $15,000 annually for 4x trips per year,
  • $1,400 monthly personal; and
  • “dreaming big”, I would love to fund $60K+ annually for projects … especially in Kurdistan/Iraq and the Middle East, where so much suffering is increasing.
  • see below for giving link and address …

Our love, “Thank You”,  and Joyful Christmas To You  as we all live into the remainder of 2019 and peer into 2020!

Daniel and Nora, Jonathan, Bryan and Eliana

Give on-line at:


Or mail funds to:

Global Hope Network International – 934 N. Magnolia Avenue – Ste. 310 – Orlando, FL   32803-3840


Rwanda Now … Welcomed ELD-Entrepreneurial Leadership Development !


Rwanda welcomed ELD-Entrepreneurial Leadership Development !
Welcome to Rwanda, from where I am writing this update!  28 community leaders attended this focused time in learning how to better start and grow a business.  Increasingly, they experience personally, how this both builds out their relationships, and provides for their families and communities.  


Session topics included:
*   Discovering Your Design (how you are uniquely made for this)
*   Life Journey – (how has your particular journey prepared you for this)
*   Thinking Like And Entrepreneur
*   Business Plan (specific detailed, inclusive)
*   Why / Why / Who / Where / When / How (of it all)
*   Starting & Sustaining A Business
*   Marketing
*   Unique Value Proposition – UVP
*   Funding Your Business
*   Goal Setting
*   Character and Ethical Leadership
*   Budget Development
*   Social Entrepreneurship
*   “Shark Tank” / “Wild Den” Presentations, With Potential Funders


2 quick back-stories on all this:

*   My attendance at an associate NGO this past summer in Colorado, allowed me to meet colleagues who understood my TCD journey and quickly invited me into their journey of this ELD, that dovetails so wonderfully into all I am focused on in the countries I work in.  

*   Our church in Colorado Springs has a robust and very healthy relationship to the church here in Rwanda, allowing an additional 5 of these to attend, and get to know me/them much better.  What a joy and privilege to be a part of such connections!

Thank you for undergirding all this … !


GHNI – Global Hope Network International